Prices For Seafood, Veggies Go Up Ahead Of CNY

Prices For Seafood, Veggies Go Up Ahead Of CNY

Prices of greens and seafood are expected to rise in the weeks ahead of Chinese New Year, warn farmers and fishermen.

In a Malay Mail Online report, the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authory (Fama) recorded that some food items already cost as much as 50% more.

For example, highland round cabbage which was priced RM3.65 per kg just weeks ago was sold at RM6.75 yesterday. The price of standard sized process chicken has also gone up, from RM6.70 per kg to RM7.80. Other meat and seafood have also seen drastic price increases.

According to a fisherman, the price of large prawns, which had been at RM45 per kg for the past two months, had gone up to RM55 since January 1.

He said the price of mud crab had also gone up from RM25 to RM40, which those of price particularly grey pomfret had increased from RM45 to RM70.

The news portal reported that farmers’ and growers’ associations are citing several factors affecting the pricing, including the weakened ringgit and the unusually long monsoon season this time around.


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