How To Save Money This Christmas


Fairy lights dotting trees, carols playing in malls, and good feelings all around; Christmas must be around the corner. As the day draws closer, one cannot help but immerse oneself in the spirit of merriment and the tradition of gift-giving.  

It’s all fun and games, but not without a price tag. Luckily, there are bargains to be found all around. Here’s a complete guide on how to save money this Christmas:

For the holidaymaker


December is without a doubt a popular time to travel for most, but travelling is also one of the most expensive ways to celebrate this holiday.

Enter Greece, a country graced with clear turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and more than 250 days of sunshine a year.

In recent years however, Greece has been plagued with a financial crisis that has resulted in price cuts for hotels and services making it a good time to visit this history-laden country.

Moreover, roads are often traffic-free and the locals – especially at tourist hotspots, speak English, making communication and getting around relatively hassle-free.

Estimated cost of travelling to Greece:

  • Return flight (per person): RM4,230
  • Accommodation (per person per night): RM44
  • Meals (per person per day): RM88

In contrast, a study by TripAdvisor has revealed that Oslo, the capital city of Norway, to be the costliest destination for holidaymakers.

For the gift-giver

santa claus

No doubt December is a season to be shopping as evidenced by kiosks that line every inch of available space in malls and the abundance of pre-packaged gift sets that has become the go-to gift for most. For those who wish to spoil friends and family with gifts, here is an estimate of how much this holiday season will set you back:

For her (per person):

  • Bath gift box: RM80 – RM110
  • Jewellery: RM98

For him (per person):

  • Tie: RM63
  • Hoodie: RM123

For the kids (per person):

  • Action figure: RM45 – RM110
  • Doll or Doll house: RM55 – RM130

For everyone (per person):

Book(s): RM30 – RM55

But not to worry, you will be able to enjoy tax relief of up to RM1,000 for book purchases.

For the food lover


No celebration is complete without a hearty meal in the presence of good company, but with limited seats and the sudden influx of people rushing to make bookings, a dinner-out may cost more than eating out on a regular day.

However, all is not lost for those who want to enjoy a good meal at a decent restaurant without breaking the bank as discounts and promotions are abundant and readily available at group buying sites.

Estimated cost of eating out (discounted price):

  • Roast turkey and rib-eye platter with side dishes and dessert (feeds up to 3 people): RM138
  • 4kg roast turkey with side dishes (feeds up to 6 people): RM328

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