No RON95 For “Undeserving” Malaysians Come Mid-2014

petrol-prices-petrol-stations-628-620x382In similar fashion to the 2011 ban on sale of RON95 petrol to foreign registered vehicles, the latest news to surface now affects Malaysians as the government is set to limit the purchase of RON95 petrol.

According to Federal Territories minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor on January 23, 2014, the government is looking to limit the subsidised price of RON95 fuel (currently priced at RM2.10 per litre with subsidy of 63 sen) to “deserving Malaysians” (i.e. the poor), leaving those deemed “undeserving” with no choice but to use the unsubsidised RON97 fuel (currently priced at RM2.80 per litre).

This proposed new pricing policy has a tentative effect date of May or June this year after the government identifies a correct method of applying it.

The issue of price hikes in petrol has been stoking the flames of discontent among Malaysian drivers with the most recent price adjustments to RON95 and RON97 petrol to take effect on September 3, 2013 and September 5, 2013 respectively.

Other than directly affecting drivers in the country, the petrol price hike has also caused a domino’s effect when it comes to pricing of other products, due to higher cost of transportation.

Chronology of Fuel Price

RON95 Timeline

Many who are still reeling from the increase in cost of living have expressed their displeasure at the announcement saying that the government should first properly identify “the poor” among other things.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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