Rakuten Trade Offers New Brokerage Fees From RM1

Invest US stocks with RM1 fee

Starting 17 April 2023, Rakuten Trade’s minimum brokerage rate will go from RM7 to RM1 with the maximum remaining at RM100.

It used to be expensive for Malaysians to buy international stocks with local brokers. With high minimum fees and paying them in US currency, many beginners or those without huge investment sums can be discouraged.

This is where Rakuten Trade, one of the earliest to offer fully digital equity brokerage services to Malaysians can make investment more accessible.

This new low rate will apply to all markets that Rakuten Trade offers access into, including NYSE/NASDAQ, and Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX).

Here’s the new fee structure to take effect on 17 April, 2023:

Rakuten Trade RM1 fees

“In May 2017, Rakuten Trade successfully lowered the barriers to entry and soon, will be crossing another industry milestone of further lowering the barriers to trade.

“By making investing more affordable and providing opportunity to many more, digital investing will now be more accessible to investors keen to grow their wealth,” Rakuten Trade’s CEO Mr Kazumasa Mise announced in a statement to the media today.

RT RM1 fee

Rakuten Trade will also be revising its popular RT points rewards structure. The Rewards Ecosystem will give investors 1 RT point for every RM1 spent on brokerage fees to give investors a faster way to earn brokerage free rebates than ever before.

You can check out more share trading options and sign up for Rakuten Trade here.

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