Malaysians, You Can Now Automate Your US Market Trades

Malaysians, You Can Now Automate Your US Market Trades

The world economy has not been doing so great as of late. Everything is getting more expensive, and the value of the ringgit still teeters at the edge of a cliff. The average Malaysian might find it difficult to continue their current lifestyle in peace if they do not take steps to secure their money against inflation.

If you would rather keep the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to, consider boosting your secondary income through regular share trading. Investing is one of the more efficient ways of futureproofing your finances, and Rakuten Trade’s recently launched Raku-Invest might just be the solution needed for those who don’t have the time or interest to constantly read the news, follow influencers to wait for that call to Buy or Sell.

What is Raku-Invest

Raku-Invest is a localised version drawing from the success of “Tsumitate Investing” offered by Rakuten Securities, Inc (RSec) in Japan. It allows investors to schedule recurring orders on the US market from as low as RM100 on a weekly or monthly basis. 

The system can be automated, which means investors can let it handle the trades, executing them at chosen intervals — either weekly or monthly — without any further action needed on the part of the user.

Why choose Raku-Invest?

Raku-Invest offers an easy way to invest in the long-term while also eliminating the emotion or influence of social media on your investments. This forms a more disciplined approach towards investments, potentially reducing the risk of impulse investments while sticking to a regular investment schedule. 

By focusing on long-term goals and ignoring market ups and downs, it helps lessen the impact of market volatility and reduces the risk of investing a big chunk of money at the wrong time. This investment strategy is very popular in Japan, especially for beginners and busy professionals.

How do you know it’s right for you?

  • You prefer efficiency over indecisiveness.
  • You have a long-term investment goal.
  • You are concerned about market volatility and want to mitigate your risk.
  • You are easily swayed by social media noise and market sentiment.
  • You prefer a structured and systematic approach to investing.

Raku-Invest is a great choice for developing a healthy habit of investing consistently. It frees up the user to focus on more long-term goals despite the volatility of the markets. Through small and consistent investments, you can pave the way towards financial freedom.

It effectively deploys the strategy of DCA or Dollar Cost Averaging, where you invest a fixed amount at regular intervals and avoid being impacted by market fluctuations.

This article is contributed by Neale Gomez for Rakuten Trade.

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