PTPTN Borrowers Make Up Half Of The Blacklist

PTPTN Borrowers Make Up Half Of The Blacklist

Out of the 622,768 Malaysians who have been blacklisted, 315,458 individuals were blacklisted because they failed to service their PTPTN loans for tertiary education. That’s more than half of the numbers of those blacklisted!

This is followed by the Department of Insolvency (123,592 people), the Inland Revenue Board (99,817), the National Registration Department (65,883), the Employees Provident Fund (6,837), the police (5,792), and the Customs Department (1,925).

PTPTN deputy chief executive Mastura Mohd Khalid was quoted last April, saying that some 1.3 million PTPTN borrowers have actively made repayments for their loans, but RM7.9 billion was still owed by about 600,000 borrowers who have to yet to make repayments.

To add on to this news, Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh shared that a Bank Negara survey showed some of the borrowers who refused to repay their PTPTN loans were actually able to settle their car and housing loans. He expressed his dismay that so many refused to pay back not because they couldn’t, rather they didn’t want to.


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