Growing Demand For Professionals In Sustainable And Responsible Investing

professional certification in SRI

The Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) has launched a new certification programme in sustainable and responsible investing (SRI). It is targeted at professionals in the capital market and financial industry.

The launch was officiated by the Deputy Minister of Finance YB Puan Lim Hui Ying. The new certification is named CCMP-SRI (Certified Capital Market Professional in Sustainable and Responsible Investment).

Certified Capital Market Professional in SRI

CCMP-SRI is aimed at raising the competency standards of professionals in the capital market to meet the growing needs in sustainable and responsible investment.

“There is a growing demand for professionals who could effectively contribute to and lead in sustainable and responsible investment products, aligning with the evolving needs in the industry,” said Tengku Zarina Tengku Chik, Chief Executive Officer of SIDC during the launch.

Currently, there are 68 sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) funds in Malaysia with net asset value of RM7.7 billion as of December 2023.

This is a significant increase from just seven SRI funds in 2020 with net asset value of RM1.46 billion.

‘Future-ready’ workforce

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in sustainable and responsible investments in Malaysia. A wider range of sustainable projects are also being implemented.

“Talent shortages present significant challenges across many aspects of nation-building, especially in our goals towards sustainability.

“We need all stakeholders in our ecosystem to work together to make our workforce ‘future-ready’ in sustainable investment capabilities,” said YB Lim Hui Ying, Deputy Minister of Finance, at the launch.

CCMP-SRI certification programme

The CCMP-SRI certification programme will provide a structured learning pathway, incorporating a blend of eLearning, webinars/workshops, and collaborative learning sessions.

CCMP-SRI graduates will be able to add sustainable and responsible investment principles and practices into their skill set. Graduates could take on roles that require and understanding of not only financial performance but also the broader impact of investment on society and the environment.

About 74 industry experts contributed to the development of the CCMP-SRI certification programme. This includes industry consultants, the Curriculum Review Committee and Assessment Review Committee members.

Earlier at the launch of the SIDC’s Sustainable and Responsible Investment Conference, Securities Commission chairman Datuk Muhammad Faiz Azmi highlighted the need for Malaysia’s capital markets to be prepared.

“More must be done to ensure that investment reaches the right places with maximum impact on sustainability,” he said. He added that the SC had initiated the way to sustainability for the capital markets since 2011. That year, SRI was included in the Capital Market Masterplan as a growth strategy.

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