PPR Transit Home Policy To Be Reviewed For Tenants To Qualify For RTO Scheme

Government Aid For Urban Poor

The Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government (KPKT) is set to review the People’s Housing Project (PPR) Transit Home policy in a bid to allow tenants to purchase units with a rent-to-own scheme.

This was after PPR flats were found poorly maintained and managed as tenants only considered their units as a rental space.

Its minister Tan Sri Noh Omar said tenants would abandon the flats after occupying it and were relying on the landlord to carry out repair work, which was impossible as some occupants would miss out payments.

The payments were currently at RM90 per month.

“I see the PPR houses, they (the tenants) occupy then abandon the units… as it is only a rental house, they hope the landlord (owner of the PPR project) will do the repairs, but how is the landlord to repair when the rent is not even paid,” he said.

Noh, who was visiting PPR Harmoni Transit Homes in Paya Nahu, Sungai Petani on Thursday, added that the state government would also be conducting a survey to identify tenants who could qualify for the rent-to-own scheme.

He said the government had already approved tenants of PPR Harmoni Transit Homes to purchase 590 units at only RM35,000 each via the rent-to-own scheme. This move marked the first PPR to be through the scheme.

He also revealed an additional RM6million was allocated towards the maintenance and enhancement of PPR projects, after it was announced last May that a budget of RM2.6million was handed over to carry out such work on the flats.

Among the problems faced by these buildings were damaged roofs, faded paint, sewage and system troubles.


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