For Petaling Residents, An Easier Process To Extend Land Lease

House Petaling Jaya

Homeowners of leasehold property in the Petaling district will find extending the lease on their property a lot easier and smoother thanks to a step-by-step guide courtesy of the land district office.

English-language daily The Star reported that the land office had designed policies and services to offer concise yet thorough information to homeowners on the documentation needed for an extension of the lease on their property.

Petaling assistant district officer Syafril Idzwan Abdul Khalid was quoted as saying that the land office had put in place staff who were well versed with leasehold properties and the documentation needed.

“Application to extend the lease is a straightforward exercise. You do not need to engage a solicitor. Our trained citizen-centric frontline service offers all the advice and notifies the homeowner on the documentation and fees that is required.

“Once the property owner is supplied with the right information and all queries answered, it allows him or her to take charge of every step. Our staff also give sound advice on Selangor government’s two options in regards to lease extension,” he added.

A lease is a contractual agreement entered into by the lessee (tenant) and lessor (landowner) for the use of an asset. A residential lease is an arrangement where the asset is real estate and is used for the purpose of living in.

Syafril said a residential lease required the lessee to pay ground rent to the lessor who, in this case, is the state government, for the occupation of the property for a stipulated term.

The term of the lease refers to the length of it and a lease of 99 years is the maximum. For example, if 48 years remain on the lease, the homeowner needs to pay only for an extension of 51 years.

Rate of the premium is on the land and does not include the house.

Syafril said homeowners also had the option of using staff expertise as alternative to paying legal fees of up to RM1,000.

Extension of lease for leasehold properties is governed under Section 197 of the National Land Code (Act 76 – to issue Grant/Demarcation) and Selangor Land Rules 2003.


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