SST Allows Perodua To Slash Prices Up To 3%

perodua price

While Malaysians everywhere are panicking that the implementation of the Sales and Services Tax (SST) will only increase prices of goods, Perodua is here to calm the storm.

Perodua has released a new and updated price list for all of its models, and the prices have been reduced between 1% and 3% for selected models. This is in line with the reintroduction of the SST by the new government effective September 1.

According to Perodua, the sales and services tax is only applied once at the beginning of the business value chain – which allows the overall costs of Perodua cars to be brought down.

“Thank you very much to the government for engaging and explaining to the industry players how this new tax structure is implemented. Based on this new tax structure, the overall costs of Perodua vehicles was able to be brought down between 1% and 3%; compared with prices under 6% GST,” Kelab Vendor Perodua (KVP) President En Musa Zahidin Tan Sri Ahmad Zaidee said.

“To Perodua, we wish to thank you for providing the volume, which has significantly sustained the Malaysian automotive ecosystem through components and parts purchased,” he added.

This means that the prices for Perodua vehicles under SST will inevitably be cheaper compared to the GST era.

“Based on the new tax structure, almost all Perodua models see price reductions compared to the GST price structure,” said Perodua Sales Sdn Bhd Managing Director Dato’ Dr Zahari Husin.


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