These Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest Online Now

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Unit trust investment is the perfect vehicle for beginners to get their foot in the investment world. It is one of the most common investment options used to meet an individual’s financial goals and to protect oneself from the rising inflation rates.

To make it even easier to invest in unit trusts, investors can now do it online. Here are five reasons why online unit trust investment may just work out better for you:

1) Getting started is easy

Traditional unit trust investment through banks require you to head to a bank to open an account. However, starting your unit trust investment online is painless and free.

Opening an account with only requires a few clicks, with no initial or maintenance fee for the account.

2) Wider range of products (local and global funds)

The truth is, banks and retail platforms offer limited fund houses, such as products under the bank’s Asset Management or those under one fund house only. Even certain wealth agents don’t always carry every product. Opting for an independent investment portal gives you many more options, with local and global funds. currently offers 23 fund houses with more than 220 funds. Investors will be spoilt for choice, giving them near limitless opportunities to mix their holdings.

3) Low investment cost

Most new investors are unaware that there is often a cost involved when investing in unit trusts before they can see the true return on an investment. Investing in unit trust through banks (and agents) will often incur sales charges of at least 5%, and through other retail platforms will cost at least 2%.

The lower the cost of your investment, the sooner you’ll see your returns. For DIY, investors can purchase unit trusts at a maximum sales charge of 2%.

4) Getting objective information

Investors are able to find all the information on funds on the banks and other retail platforms’ websites. However, investors may not be able to get full objective information from advisors, agents or bankers, as it depends on how much information they want to disclose.

To make investments more transparent, provides independent analysis on markets and funds with the latest information in easy-to-understand reports and through interviews with fund managers on their views.

5) Being on the ball

Most people have the misconception that investing in unit trusts is a one-time process that does not require monitoring. However, to ensure your investment is aptly diversified, you must track and monitor the funds.

With offline unit trust investment, information or reports on your investment may be periodic and not up-to-date at times. However, by investing online, you can easily track and monitor the results of your funds, consolidate your portfolio in a single account.

In this digital era, investors expect information to be fast and readily available. With an online investment portal like, investing doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal.

Everyone can invest.

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