More Data For Maxis Users

More Data For Maxis Users

Thanks to a social media debacle that erupted in early April, all existing Maxis ONE plan customers will now enjoy a higher data quota at the same price.

With the new update, Maxis One customers will now be receiving the additional data upgrades – from 1GB to 5GB, 3GB to 8GB, 5GB to 12GB and 7GB to 16GB.

New Maxis One offers

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In a statement, Maxis CEO Morten Lundal said that these benefits will not be limited to new customers but also to all existing Maxis customers, while Maxis ONE business customers will also benefit from these upgrades.

In addition to the quota upgrades, Maxis said that it would be announcing further innovations that would enable customers to do more with their data.

It all began when Maxis, which is Malaysia’s largest telecommunications company, found itself amid a social media storm with consumers over its offering of significantly cheaper mobile plans to certain users but not to others.

The incident, which started in early April, began after a customer wrote a detailed post on a popular forum alleging that their friend was offered a far cheaper mobile plan by Maxis than they were, despite being a loyal customer for 10 years.

The post quickly went viral, with many users expressing their outrage over Maxis’ alleged poor treatment of loyal customers.

Many customers also expressed their intentions to leave Maxis and switch to rivals Celcom and Digi, which offer more competitive price plans.

Lundal later apologised to customers for the “unfair treatment” in a live video feed on the telco’s Facebook page, and offered all Maxis ONE Plan customers a higher Internet quota.

He stressed that Maxis had always focused on offering unique products that “excited” people.

However, he admitted that the company took “too much time” trying to add more features, instead of providing higher quotas for Internet data.

“While we were developing these new plans, some individual customers were offered tailored plans. This angered some of you, and it doesn’t fit in with our company’s commitment to fairness and transparency.

“We were late in responding to you and we treated individual customers differently, and for that, we are sorry,” he explained in the video.

The telco also stressed that they remain committed to delivering great customer service: “We remain focused on our priorities, having the best network, great customer service and great value. And we would be even better and quicker to deliver on these,” Lundal told The Star.

“Now with our new plans, there has never been a better time to be with Maxis,” he said.

Image source: The Malay Mail Online

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