Moomoo Has Become The Most Downloaded App In Malaysia

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Moomoo Malaysia, a newcomer to the digital investment scene in Malaysia, has managed to quickly smash through a monumental milestone, achieving over 100,000 clients within just six weeks of its launch. This makes it the most downloaded financial app in Malaysia and reflects a transformative impact on how Malaysians engage with financial markets.

Since its debut in late February, Moomoo has attracted over 200,000 Malaysian users to its platform. According Moomoo, 80% are predominantly tech savvy and digitally native young adults.

This is the demographic that has been making waves by reshaping perceptions of financial readiness and are proactively preparing for their futures. They demand even greater control over their wealth, utilising the latest technologies to do so, characteristics that Moomoo caters to.

Redefining investment in Malaysia

Moomoo’s strength lies in offering unrivalled access to global markets, including stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), REITs, Warrants and more from the US and Malaysia market within a single unified platform. The app also provides users with a comprehensive suite of tools and real-time data, tailored to providing investors all they need to make informed decisions.

With a strategic partnership with Nasdaq secured, Moomoo is able to offer Malaysian investors exclusive access to Nasdaq TotalView—a real-time data feed that provides the deepest insights available into market orders. This not only gives investors access to professional-grade data, but also enhances their ability to make well-researched decisions.

“Working with Nasdaq allows us to equip our clients with comprehensive and real-time market data previously available only to a select few. This level of insight is crucial for making informed decisions in today’s fast-moving markets and is a game-changer for our users,” said Ivan Mok, CEO of Moomoo Malaysia.

Empowering financial literacy

Moomoo also strives to promote financial literacy through its platform by integrating educational resources. This is to help make complex financial concepts accessible to everyone from seasoned traders to novices. This commitment to providing essential educational tools showcases Moomoo Malaysia’s dedication to financial inclusion within the financial sector.

Apart from educational initiatives, Moomoo is also a pioneer of the “social investing” concept. They do this by establishing an interactive and real-time community within their app, dubbed the “Moo community”. This connects Malaysian investors to over 1,000 experts and a global community of 22 million investors.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate and introduce more features and services tailored to Malaysian investors. The personal finance landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and changing investor expectations,” said Ivan Mok.

Moo-velous campaign

If Moomoo has caught your eye, then now is a fantastic time to jump in. Moomoo Malaysia is currently running its Moo-velous campaign, offering rewards for new users, on top of that, iMoney is offering a lucky draw to iMoney readers. Here is how you can participate for Moo-velous prizes:

  1. Register as a new user* here and sign up with your email or phone number.
  2. Complete the KYC and Upload your IC or passport (for non-Malaysian citizens) to open a universal account with Moomoo MY.
  3. **To receive Moomoo MY RM100 cash coupon, simply deposit a minimum of RM500.
    1. Alternatively, if you deposit a cumulative minimum of RM10,000 by 13 May 2024, 10.00pm MYT, you can get a chance to spin the wheel for a share from Grab, Under Armour, Coca Cola, Apple, Tesla, or NVIDIA.

iMoney readers also stand a chance to win additional prizes! From 16 April to 16 June 2024, iMoney users who are eligible*** can win lucky draw prizes on top of the Moo-velous welcome rewards. These include items such as a DysonPurifier Cool, Apple Watch Ultra, and iPad Air 4th Generation, as well as up to RM100 in Touch’n Go eWallet credit. Simply:

  1. Use iMoney’s referral link here to register and successfully to register and successfully  open a Moomoo MY universal account.
  2. Deposit a total of RM500 and you will be eligible for additional iMoney exclusive rewards.
*New users who don’t have a Moomoo MY universal account yet, or have one but haven’t deposited any money or have deposited less than RM10,000 and have not joined a new user promotion before 16th April, 2024 at midnight are eligible for this campaign.
**Must be deposited in the Moomoo MY universal account before 13th May, 2024 23:59:59 PM MYT and maintain assets (including cash, stocks, and other assets) for 60 days.
***Use iMoney’s referral link to register to be eligible for iMoney Exclusive Moo-velous campaign.

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