Credit Card Tips For The School Holiday

school holiday

Most parents expect higher expenses on their credit cards over the school holidays, as the cost of family days out can be exorbitant these days.

This is not surprising with the increasing cost of living in Malaysia, which can really push these parents into the red. Keeping kids entertained does not come cheap. A family of three visiting a theme park could easily cost up to RM300 for tickets, travel and food.

However, cash-strapped parents need not worry during this school holiday as iMoney has done the homework for you and has come up with some handy savings tips to keep your kids entertained and your wallet happy.

If you play your cards right, you can enjoy this holiday with your kids and still avoid spending a bomb. We have combed the market for the best credit cards to give you a financial boost this holiday season.

The key to save some money when using your plastic is to choose a card that offers the best perks and saving benefits that suits your needs.

Maybank 2 Card

However, not all banks offer credit card with interest-free introductory period. You can still enjoy savings during this school holiday with the lowest interest rate in town for spending using the Maybank 2 Card.

These credit cards offer 8.88% interest rate with 5% cash back for weekend dining spend. You can bring your children out for family meals on weekends for various activities and not worry about breaking the bank.

The best way to save money using cash back credit cards is to use one that offers rebates at the places you frequent the most.


If you are looking for other ways to cut the cost of school holiday activities, it is always advisable to plan your activities ahead of time. Look for free local attractions or with cheaper ticket price to keep your child entertained. The RHB EVO Card offers up to 20% cash back at cinemas, ticketing agencies, amusement parks and more!

A brilliant way to save big this holiday is to scour the group deal websites to purchase tickets to theme parks or holiday packages for less.

Other top tips include booking in advance and taking a picnic rather than eating at the restaurants or cafes with tourist prices.

For more credit card options that serve your needs, use our credit card smartsearch to find one that suits your lifestyle.

Whichever way you choose to use to save some bucks this holiday, it is important to note that bonding time with your family doesn’t need to cost a bomb to be fun. Enjoy the school holidays!

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* Article updated on July 31, 2015 with other credit cards.

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