Tell Us How You Manage Your Money, And We’ll Tell You Your Money Personality

Tell Us How You Manage Your Money, And We’ll Tell You Your Money Personality

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Money management is a daunting skill – one wrong move (think: overspending), and it might leave a large dent in your bank account or financial goals. Although there are basic fundamentals and rules you can try to follow to keep your finances in control, does your personality play a big part in shaping your financial habits too?

A recent scientific survey suggests that people’s spending habits are linked to their personality traits, such as how materialistic they are or how much self-control they exercise when it comes to making purchases.

Some may religiously practise the 50/30/20 budget rule, while others may be more free-spirited with their cash or even, survive on a no-budget philosophy.

We have put together a fun quiz to help you figure out your money personality and how it could influence your spending habits.

Are you an overly cautious Micro-manager, a fearless Risk-taker, a Spontaneous Soul or a Non-budgeteer?

Take the test and find out!

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Knowing your personality traits when it comes to managing money is the first step to managing your finances better.

Practicing good financial discipline like paying off any debt you take on and avoiding additional interest or late payment fees are also good habits to observe when you choose to take on personal financing.

Every single day we make money decisions that have the power to impact our long-term financial health so understanding our basic personality traits before diving into a major financial commitment, such as taking on personal financing, can help us avoid unmanageable debts in the future.

Disclaimer: This financial personality quiz is for general information purposes only. It is not prepared with any particular individual or purpose in mind and does not take into account any investment objectives, financial situation or personal circumstances or needs of any particular individual. This document is not investment advice or recommendation. You should not use or rely on the results of this financial personality quiz in making any investment or financial decision. HSBC Amanah is not responsible for such use or reliance by you. You should consult your independent professional advisor before making any financial decision or if you have any questions.

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