Match Your Smartphone With Great Plans Easily [Infographic]


Different people have different ways of using their smartphones. You may be streaming videos to catch up on the latest episode of Games of Thrones while travelling to work, or perhaps you use your phone more to feed your inner photographer (#selfie, #instafun).

Whatever the level of usage is on your smartphone, there is bound to be a mobile plan out there for you that can save you some bucks! The key is to find it!

There are some questions you need to ask yourself to determine your usage and the features you should look out for in a mobile plan. The best thing is, now you can do it all on a single page, without checking out a dozen websites and digesting a few dozen jargons and terms.

Before you begin comparing smartphones and mobile plans, here is what you need to know about your mobile usage.


Start comparing mobile plans and find your dream smartphone matched with an ideal plan!

Use your phone to help you save! These seven apps might just be the ones that you need to get started. 

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