Your Mental Health Decline Might Be Caused By Ultra-Processed Foods

junk food

It seems that a strong link between eating a lot of ultra-processed foods (UPF) such as packaged cookies, and pastries, and a decrease in your overall mental well-being.

A report published by Sapiens Lab revealed this insight. Those who consumed UPFs several times a day were three times more likely to struggle with their mental health compared to those who rarely or never eat these foods.

The study involving over 30,000 individuals and collecting their self-reported frequency of ultra-processed food consumption and its relationship to mental health symptoms and wellbeing. The study was a part of Sapien Labs’ Global Mind Project, which studies mental wellbeing across the world.

These findings support the findings from an earlier study from JAMA Neurology which found an association between consumption of ultra-processed food and cognitive decline.

Scientists have found that middle-aged people who ate the most junk food had a faster rate (of up to 28%) of cognitive decline, compared to those who ate less junk food.

While factors such as genetics and socioeconomic factors are more commonly associated with cognitive decline, the study shows that a poor diet can also contribute to worsening mental health.

Based on the results of the study, it’s probably best for you to avoid eating junk food or at least cut it down.

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