What Is The Best Way To Buy Gold (And Earn Complimentary Gold)?

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What Is The Best Way To Buy Gold (And Earn Complimentary Gold)?

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If we’re talking about one of the most popular investment assets in Malaysia, then gold has to be the one that makes it to the top of the list. 

Did you know? In the last 20 years, the price of gold has risen over 600% globally.

gold price performance

Source: goldprice.org

If we look at the situation closer to home, the price increase is even higher. According to Bank Negara’s Kijang Emas day trading prices, if you were lucky enough to have bought an ounce of gold back in January 2002, it would have cost you just over RM1,000 and that same ounce of gold will be worth more than RM8,000 today!

Even in the past two years alone (Jan ’22 vs Jan ’20), gold price increased by about 20%, meaning anyone who bought gold just two years ago can now sell them at a 20% profit. This shows just how much of a valuable addition gold is to any investor’s portfolio.

Source: goldprice.org

This is why gold is regarded as a ‘safe haven’  investment, as it diversifies an investor’s portfolio and is beneficial during times of market volatility. 

In fact, gold is such a safe asset to own, that it can also be a very feasible investment option for novice and retail investors too. 

While many of us may already own gold gifted or inherited from our family members, there are many more ways you can own gold today.

What’s the best way to own gold?

Let’s look at the popular options available to the modern gold investor in Malaysia, and the pros and other considerations that can affect your investment outcome.

  • Gold retailers

Most of us are familiar with buying from physical retailers which includes jewellers.

Pros: easy and straightforward walk-in to any jewellery store to buy and own a piece of gold coin or gold jewellery.

Other considerations: Buying gold in the form of jewellery can lead to lower resale value compared to its purchase price and there is a risk of theft or loss, unless you are willing to pay the fee for storing it in a safe deposit box in a bank.

  • Gold apps

Another option made possible by digital advancement is buying gold from gold investing apps that you can install on your mobile phone.

Pros: Buy, sell, track and check on gold investments at your fingertips without having to worry about keeping the gold safe.

Other considerations: Hassle of transferring cash from another bank into gold investing apps before purchasing gold. Some gold apps do not offer buy back of physical gold and may incur various fees (processing, annual charges etc.). 

  • Gold mining stocks and exchange traded funds (ETF)

These options don’t involve direct purchase of gold, but rather invest in gold mining companies and commodities that are backed by gold. 

Pros: Provide indirect and diversified exposure to gold investment performance with a low initial investment, with good levels of liquidity if you need to cash out. 

Other considerations: Subject to company or stock performance and may be affected by stock market performance & volatility. Trading fees may be incurred as well.

  • Gold investment account

Offered by prominent local banks, investors can easily open a gold investment account at their local bank.

Pros: Provide flexibility to buy and keep gold in account or redeem physical gold bars to give away as a gift. Customer able to resell the physical gold to the bank or any other retailers of their choice.

Other considerations: Usually require a bank account to get started. For example,  customers are required to have a Maybank/Maybank Islamic Current/Savings account in order to open the Maybank Islamic Gold Account (MIGA-i) .

However, the benefits of a gold investment account like MIGA-i more than outweigh any drawbacks.

MIGA-i is a Shariah-compliant online gold investment account, which offers a very convenient, secure, and hassle-free way for you to buy and invest in gold.

8 reasons to buy your gold with MIGA-i:

  • Shariah-compliant account backed by 999.9 physical gold purity accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). 
  • Affordable investment from as low RM10 which does not require you to save a huge amount of cash to start investing.
  • Real-time pricing with one of the lowest spreads in the market. A lower spread means that there is a smaller difference between the buy and sell price, which means that you can profit more from price increases.
  • Seamless account opening to enjoy the convenience of buying and selling gold at your finger tips via Maybank2u. Yes, even after office hours, over the weekend and public holidays! 
  • ‘Buy low & sell high’ by setting up future orders to automatically buy & sell. You don’t need to bother with manual checking of gold prices daily and you can profit from a timely automatic sale when gold hits your target price; or buy more effortlessly when the price falls.
  • Transfer gold online to another MIGA-i holder. Give gold to your loved ones anytime in just a few clicks – yeap, you can transfer gold instead of money so make it special!
  • Hassle-free physical gold redemption up to 1000 grams either via courier or collection at selected Maybank branches near you.
  • Be notified* when you achieve 10% of your profit via push notification or SMS to realize your profit with ease. 

*This feature is available for accountholders with a minimum balance of 100g gold.

MIGA-i offers features that make buying and investing in gold extremely easy and you can start your investment with just a small capital, which opens up gold as an investment opportunity for a lot of people.

A gold investment also protects you against inflation

Need another reason to start investing in gold? How about this – gold is a great asset to hedge against inflation.

According to Tradingeconomics.com, Malaysia’s inflation rate was 3.2% per annum in November 2021, which essentially makes gold ‘inflation proof’, as the price increase is more than enough to offset inflation.

Source: statista.com

This means gold is a good option to diversify your investment portfolio, as gold also manages to hold its value when the economy is not doing well. It is a popular investment choice to use as a hedge against uncertainty; meaning if the economy tanks, gold prices will likely see an increase.

Invest in gold with MIGA-i now

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the current relatively stagnant low price of gold by buying some gold with MIGA-i from as low as RM10!

Whether it is to diversify your investments or if you’re looking for a savings method that is inflation proof, you can easily add gold to your portfolio with MIGA- in just a few clicks.

Maybank Islamic Gold Account-i

Don’t miss the chance to earn extra gold now!

  • Open an account here with the referral code: MIGAM2U to gain 0.01 gram of gold when you invest a minimum of RM100.
  • Refer someone with a minimum investment of RM100, and both of you will earn 0.01 grams of gold.
  • For every RM1,000 investment in MIGA-i, be in the running to win the Monthly Prize of 10g gold, as well as the Grand Prize of 100g gold.

Hurry while it’s still available, and start your gold investment today! Campaign ends on 31st March 2022. Don’t have MIGA-i? Sign up online right here.

*Principal investment is not guaranteed.
*Maybank Islamic Berhad is a member of PIDM. MIGA-i is not protected by PIDM.

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