Spend Less Each Month With Family Sharing Mobile Plans

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Spend Less Each Month With Family Sharing Mobile Plans

It’s not easy supporting a family. Money doesn’t seem to hang around for very long, and you do everything you can to reduce bills. After all, every penny saved can be spent on something nice for the household.

Despite this, many married couples tend to live with separate expenses for their mobile data subscriptions. Separate lines, with separate bills, and separate usage patterns.

Once children are added to the picture, the number just keeps increasing. Modern families will often provide children above a certain age with smartphones in order to keep tabs on them. It’s much better than waiting for them to get home to ask them if they want dinner.

MaxisONE Share

There is, as there always is, a budget friendly solution to keeping a family connected. MaxisONE Share introduces the lowest cost sharing plan for families, and even takes into account the need for everyone to be equipped with the latest devices.

How does it do this? By opening the Maxis Zerolution offer to every line, including supplementary lines. The following table shows the cost of ownership for a Huawei P30 Pro with 256GB storage on a MaxisONE share supplementary line compared to one from competing telco supplementary lines.

Huawei P30 Pro 256GB (RRP RM3,799)
Plan costDevice monthly payments
Total cost over 24 months
MaxisONE ShareRM48/monthRM141/monthRM4,536-
Yellow TelcoRM120/monthRM107/monthRM5,448RM912
Blue TelcoRM128/monthRM163/monthRM6,984RM2,712

As can be clearly seen from the table, MaxisONE Share offers the lowest total cost for smartphone ownership. Providing savings of RM912 compared to its nearest competitor.

The savings comparison increases when mid-range devices are involved. This provides a better deal for families that are less affluent.

OPPO F11 Pro (retail RM1,299)
Plan costDevice monthly paymentsTotal cost over 24 monthsSavings
MaxisONE ShareRM48/monthRM54/monthRM2,448-
Yellow TelcoRM80/monthRM42/monthRM2,928RM480
Blue TelcoRM128/monthRM53/monthRM4,344RM2,256

Other telcos do not extend their savings to supplementary lines. This raises the overall cost for a family due to the necessity in buying two principal lines to get lower device costs.

The following shows how the MaxisONE Share scheme helps two people save compared to having two principal lines from competing telcos.

Smartphone cost over 24 months (Huawei P30 Pro)

MaxisYellow TelcoBlue Telco
First deviceRM6,192RM5,808RM6,984
Second deviceRM4,272 (on MaxisONE Share)RM5,808RM6,984

For the whole family

Based on the savings, it would be better for any family to shift to a sharing plan in order to reduce costs. Especially those with children and would like to start putting a little money aside for their future.

The following is a breakdown of what a family of four may end up spending in a regular month on their phone bill alone.

Children are usually left on prepaid plans. Both because it is cheaper on the parents and to help teach them to manage their finances and to control their Internet access. With MaxisONE Share, the parent with the principal line has the option of using the MyMaxis App to control the child’s data allowance from the family DataPool. This is a built in feature that is free-of-charge.

Parent #1Average Postpaid planRM128/month
Parent #2Average Postpaid planRM128/month
Child #1Average prepaid priceRM60/month
Child #2Average prepaid priceRM60/month

Alternatively, the cost could look like this using MaxisOne Share.

Parent #1MaxisONE Plan 158RM158/month
Parent #2MaxisONE ShareRM48/month
Child #1MaxisONE ShareRM48/month
Child #2MaxisONE ShareRM48/month

While this alternative bumps the principal line up to a MaxisONE Plan 158, it decreases the monthly cost for the rest of the family. Now, the overall monthly payments have been reduced by a substantial RM74, which translates into savings of RM1,776 over the 24 month contract.

Add the reduced device costs that Maxis’ Zerolution programme offers to MaxisONE Share and you have a dramatically reduced monthly phone bill.

The price of everything is constantly increasing, so wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reduce your expenditure somewhere?

*Prices listed are correct at time of writing.
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