Life Hack: Maximise Every Ringgit Spent By Digitising Your Wallet

Life Hack: Maximise Every Ringgit Spent By Digitising Your Wallet

The move towards cashless and digital payments is becoming more and more common among Malaysians with e-payment adoption rising from 9.3 billion transactions in 2022 to 11.5 billion transactions in 2023.

With the different payment methods available, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all of them, or even to carry around all your cards in a physical wallet.

That’s where this simple life hack of putting it all in a digital wallet, like the Samsung Wallet app, can provide you with all the convenience of having all of your cards in one convenient device.

Read on to learn why digitising your wallet with Samsung Wallet will not only make your life more convenient but also let you maximise your ringgit whenever you spend!

The convenience of a digital wallet

Having multiple physical credit and debit cards is already such a hassle to keep track of. Add to that any cash and loyalty cards, and you’re bound to be stuck carrying a bulky wallet that takes up way too much space.

Putting all of your cards in one single device with the Samsung Wallet makes your life and carrying your wallet so much more convenient. All you need to do is just swipe the screen up to access your digital wallet and pay with your preferred card.

Not only is it more convenient, but it’s also a lot less time-consuming than having to go through your wallet and take out the right card you need to pay for your meal or groceries.

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Plus, Samsung Wallet makes it as easy as possible to add your cards with just a few simple steps. It might only take you a few minutes to follow the instructions to set everything up on your phone.

Maximising your ringgit with rewards

While the ease and convenience that Samsung Wallet offers are great, it’s not what sets it apart from other digital wallets.

In fact, a major benefit that you get from using Samsung Wallet that no other digital wallet offers is the ability to earn reward points through its Samsung Rewards. Plus, there’s no minimum spend requirement which means every single transaction will earn you points!

You can easily and effortlessly earn up to RM720 worth of points per year just by using the Samsung Wallet as you would normally use any other type of digital payment. And given that the points are valid for three years, you could earn up to RM2,160 worth of points.

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With those Samsung Rewards, you can get amazing rewards such as vouchers or discount codes from participating brands or offset up to 99% off the price of any Samsung products such as smartphones, tablets, AI TVs, and more.

To earn these rewards and maximise your ringgit, all you need to do is just Tap, Earn, and Redeem with Samsung Wallet. It’s that simple!

Keeping your data private and secure

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Of course, putting all of your credit and debit card information in a single app can be a bit scary. However, you can rest assured that your data is protected and remains private when using Samsung Wallet.

Through Samsung Knox, any data you keep is protected, encrypted, and accessible through security measures such as fingerprint recognition.

All of your personal data and sensitive information is also kept in an isolated environment, adding a layer of defence against potential hacking attempts.

Additionally, Samsung promises up to four generations of OS upgrades and five years of security updates for its devices, meaning you can be confident that your digital wallet will be protected.

Convenience, rewards, and security in an affordable device

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With everything that Samsung Wallet has to offer, it’s a no-brainer that this simple life hack of digitising your wallet will pay back in dividends.

From the convenience of keeping all of your cards in one secure device to the amazing rewards that you earn for every tap and spending that you do, there’s no better time to embrace the digital (wallet) lifestyle.

The best part is that you can get all of the convenience, rewards, and security of the Samsung Wallet through the affordable Samsung Galaxy A series devices.

Starting at RM999, the Galaxy A15 is the perfect entry point for anyone who wants to jump into Samsung’s ecosystem. And if you want something with higher specification and yet affordable, the Galaxy A25 5G retails at an affordable RM1,299.

With eligible Galaxy devices, you can start maximising the ringgit you spend by effortlessly Tap, Earn, and Redeem with Samsung Wallet.

For more information or to purchase your new favourite phone, kindly visit Samsung’s official website or any Samsung Experience Store and start rewarding yourself today.

Want to learn more about Samsung Wallet? head over here!

Or find your new favourite phone at Samsung’s official website or any Samsung Experience store.

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