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Having a mobile phone these days isn’t just about calling and texting anymore. There was a time when choosing a mobile phone plan boiled down to call rates and cost per SMS. Unlimited calls and messages was a rarity.

Those days are gone as mobile users leave calls and SMS behind, and concentrate on mobile data. With this in mind, mobile users tend to compare plans by looking for plans based solely on what data is being offered.

This boils down to the fact that we are simply consuming more and more data for browsing, social media and chatting. With most communications happening through data based applications, data is becoming the number 1 priority. Telco providers have begun to recognise this and are responding with more value-packed plans that focus on mobile data with additional perks for calls and text.

Previously, mobile users had to pay just below a hundred bucks just for a meagre 1GB of data a month. Which was not just expensive but definitely insufficient if you regularly stream YouTube videos, or play online games on your smartphone.

The game is changing though and we’re seeing more providers offering much better deals for data.

1. Who offers the cheapest price per GB of data?

We’ve come a long way for mobile data with the highest available data plan today at a whopping 20GB. However, it doesn’t come for cheap. There’s having enough data and there’s overpaying for data you don’t need.

First of all, if you are a regular mobile user who use your smartphone for social media, some video streaming, emailing and surfing and some online gaming – it is safe to assume that you need more than 5GB of data, or more if you do a lot of all the activities mentioned here.

High data is not very hard to come by in Malaysia, but looking for a high data plan with affordable price can be a like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Here’s a brief comparison of what’s available in the market according to mobile data:

U Mobile P70 Hero
Telco C
Telco M
Telco D

* 7GB + 8GB
(from March 15
to June 30)

* 5GB monthly
Internet + 1.25GB
on each weekend
(5GB weekend
Cost per GB
RM4.70 per GB

(RM10 per GB
after June 2016)
RM8 per GB
RM98 per GB
RM11.14 per GB

(RM14 per GB
after June 30, 2016)
^ Promotional price of RM70 is valid until June 30, 2016. Thereafter, price will revert back to RM98 a month.


Comparing to what’s out there, U Mobile’s Hero Postpaid P70 presently offers the lowest cost per GB, as you’ll be paying only RM70 for 15GB of data during the promotional period. Though it is not the highest data quota in the market, it is definitely sufficient for most of your data needs but what’s more important is that it has by far the best value per gigabyte.

2. What about calls?

As much as we like to use WhatsApp or other chatting app for all our communication needs, phone calls still matter. Connecting with loved ones over the phone and listening to their voices beats texting and using emojis to express your love any time.

Not just to talk to your family and friends, calls are equally important for many jobs in Malaysia. Imagine a sales person having to pay for every extra minute they spend closing a deal over the phone – a huge chunk of his or her commission would probably end up with the telco company.

If making calls is important to you, then this will definitely be a consideration when choosing a mobile data plan. U Mobile’s Hero Postpaid P70, along with the other providers who offer similar packages also do offer unlimited calls to all networks.

However, other providers which give this option tend to cost more and provide less data. And in some cases, if you want more data you have to sacrifice your talk time.

U Mobile P70 Hero
Telco C
Telco M
Telco D
Free unlimited calls
to all networks

Pay as you use SMS
at RM0.03 per SMS
to UMobile users and
RM0.08 per SMS to others
Free unlimited calls
and SMS to all networks
Free unlimited calls
and SMS to all networks
Free unlimited calls
and SMS to all networks

RM0.20 per MMS

3. What about shared plans?

In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of affordable plans with generous data going around in Malaysia. With so much data, it’s possible to share the plans with your loved ones.

Since you are already committed to paying a certain amount monthly, wouldn’t it be better to share your phone plan with your family members to save on total household mobile plan fees?

Though all providers offer shared calls and Internet with supplementary line, U Mobile has quite an attractive package for shared plan.

Known as the Hero Plus Plan, it is a combination of a P70 postpaid plan and a Share 50 member line.

Here’s what the Hero Plus Plan offers:

U Mobile Hero Plus Plan
Shareable monthly data15GB* + 3GB additional data per share line

• 2 lines = 18GB
• 3 lines = 21GB
• 4 lines = 24 GB

* 7GB + 8GB (from March 15 to June 30)
CallsUnlimited call to all networks for all lines
SMSPay as you use
To U Mobile network = RM0.03/SMS
To other networks = RM0.08/SMS
Maximum supplementary lines3 lines per principal line
Price per share lineRM50
Total cost per month• 2 lines = RM70 (plan) + RM50 (share line) = RM120
• 3 lines = RM70 (plan) + (RM50 x 2) (share line) = RM170
• 4 lines = RM70 (plan) + (RM50 x 3) (share line) = RM220

If you find the shareable data is insufficient during certain months, you can always get a data booster at an affordable price of only RM10 for 1.5GB.

U Mobile P70 Hero
Telco C
Telco M
Telco D
5GB monthly
Internet + 5GB
weekend Internet


* Data quota reverts
to 7GB after
6 months


Principal & Supplementary
Unlimited to all networks
Unlimited to all networks

2,000 mins (between family members only)
Principal & Supplementary
Unlimited to all networks
Unlimited to all networks


Unlimited (between family members only)
RM70 + RM50
= RM120
RM80 + RM30
= RM110
RM188 + RM48
= RM236
RM78* + RM28
= RM106

* Price reverts to RM98 after June 30, 2016
Cost per line
RM60 per line
RM60 per line
RM118 per line
RM53 per line
(RM63 per line
after promotional period)

Based on the comparison above, U Mobile only has one real competitor but during the promotional period, you get 7.5GB more data which is quite hefty value.

If you’re traveling about often, U Mobile’s offering is impressive. They’re the first provider to offer FREE Internet roaming, limited to 50MB Internet Roaming quota daily. This will be automatically refreshed every day. The subsequent usage is capped at maximum RM30 per day. This is great because when you’re traveling all you really need is basic chat functionality as heavier usage (like updating your Instagram) can be done once you get to wifi #latergram.


In general, Malaysians spend an average RM100 to RM200 every month on their mobile phone bill which is the second highest in the region. So a plan that halves that but with even more data, is always welcome.

The U Mobile Hero plan offers great value for money as it offers the lowest price point for a high amount of data. Don’t be stuck paying more than you should on a mobile plan that offers you minimal amount of data. Make the right choice!

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