A Study Revealed The Most Dangerous Roads In The World; Guess Where Malaysia Is Ranked

A Study Revealed The Most Dangerous Roads In The World; Guess Where Malaysia Is Ranked

Finn, an American car subscription company, has released a study on which countries are the safest and most dangerous to drive in, and Malaysia’s placement reveals some uncomfortable truth.

The study, which is formally known as ‘The Safest Roads In The World’, also revealed the methodology behind it, with the list of countries being selected from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) member states, as well as developed nations with a Human Development Index (HDI) of over eight.

The sources chosen for the studies meanwhile were road quality scores from The Global Economy, traffic levels from Numbeo, seatbelt-wearing percentages and percentages of road deaths caused by alcohol from the World Health Organization (WHO), and speed limits per country from Wikipedia.

From there, they gave each country a normalised score out of 10 before calculating the average, and ranked all the countries together.

And in these rankings, Malaysia was listed fifth in the countries with the most dangerous roads ranking.

In the rankings, Malaysia scored a measly 4.07 out of 10 points in the road safety department, which while markedly better than first place Argentina who only managed a dire 1.65 points, still is bad enough to land us in fifth spot in the most dangerous roads in the world list.

While it’s bad enough that our road safety score is in a terrible state, which means that people are more likely to get into an accident while driving on Malaysian roads, Malaysia is also ranked third in countries where you are most likely to die on the road.

According to the findings, Malaysia has the third-highest number of road deaths per 100,000 people, with 22.48 road deaths per 100,000 people.

Despite being significantly lower than the first two countries, with 10 deaths less, this is still a very high number that places us as one of the countries where people are most likely to die on the road.

And this is not surprising, considering just last month the Transport Ministry revealed that in 2022, Malaysia had one accident recorded every one minute.

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