Making Your Travel Insurance Claim In Malaysia


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It is important for a person taking up a travel insurance policy to learn how to deal with the travel emergencies and how to make a successful claim. So, we’re here to break down the complications and explain to you the basic travel insurance claim process.

What to do in the event of a travel emergency

If the emergency requires medical attention, contact the local hospital and request for medical assistance immediately – personal safety is the highest priority.

Next, inform the relevant local authorities (e.g. In the case of theft, a police officer) and explain your situation. You should also attempt to contact your insurance company at this stage. Typically, the insurance company will assist you with the procedures needed to overcome the emergency.

The things you may need to prepare for your travel insurance claim

Just like any other insurance claims, you need to disclose as much relevant information as you can. This includes providing travel and personal documents. Different insurance companies may have different requirements in order to process your claim. However, to ensure your claim is fast and successful, we’ve put together a list of documents that most insurance companies may request:

  • Personal ID documents (e.g. Passport, NRIC etc)
  • Travel claim form – you can usually obtain this from the travel insurance company’s website. Make sure the claim form is filled accurately and completely.
  • Travel itinerary
  • Flight tickets and boarding passes
  • Baggage information – in the case of damaged / lost baggage claims, prepare a list of lost items and their associated value, and snap of pictures of your damaged baggage.
  • Medical documents (e.g. medical report, death certificate etc) – For medical or death claims
  • Police report – for theft cases
  • Relevant bills, invoices and receipts (e.g. medical invoices, hotel receipts)
  • Airline notifications – any communication produced by the airline to confirm a delay or any other problems

Travel insurance claim process in Malaysia

Below is a brief diagram on what usually takes place when you file your travel insurance claim:

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