Smart Shopping Online With Lazada’s Mr Kiasu

Smart Shopping Online With Lazada’s Mr Kiasu

Have you been online shopping recently? If you’re a Malaysian, the answer is likely yes.

Since the Movement Control Order was put in place in March to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, online shopping has become the way of life for us Malaysians in the New Normal.

Both young and old now look towards online solutions for their daily essentials.

When the country moved towards the slightly laxed Conditional Movement Control Order in May, eCommerce platforms, like Lazada Malaysia, still remain as the one-stop lifestyle destination for us to get our everyday needs and it also became a lifeline for previously-offline SMEs to make ends meet.

Actually, some local agricultural businesses like the Cameron Farmers even became a national sensation over a weekend by selling fresh produce on Lazada. We, Malaysians, really like our fruits and vegetables.

Today, as we adapt to the Recovery Movement Control Order with the government’s digital-led economic recovery plan, online shopping will be here to stay – ingrained as part of our Malaysian culture.

But online shopping isn’t just about clicking a button, you have to shop smart too! For those that are new to the digital space, it might seem scary and unfamiliar. But worry not, we have Mr. Kiasu from Lazada, here to share seven ways you can maximise your savings on Lazada Malaysia.

Mr. Kiasu Tip #1: Be on the lookout for stimulus packages and incentives online

By now, most of you would’ve watched countless special announcements on television or on your various screens regarding ePenjana’s RM50 eWallet credit, Shop Malaysia Online discount vouchers, and more.

It is now easier than ever to save by shopping online as we are incentivised to stimulate the digital economy.

On Lazada Malaysia, users can enjoy savings of up to RM36 each through the #KitaBantuKita platform-wide vouchers and rebates from now until July 31, 2020 via:

  • Instantly useable, no minimum spend, RM5 credit for new Lazada Wallet users
  • Instantly collectable RM10 discount voucher for new Lazada users when activating account
  • Instantly collectable RM3 discount voucher for all Lazada Wallet users
  • Instantly collectable RM3 discount voucher for all Touch ‘n Go eWallet users on Lazada
  • One-off RM5 cashback for the first purchase on Lazada by new Touch ‘n Go eWallet users
  • One-off instant cashback of up to RM10 for the first top-up on Lazada Wallet

Mr. Kiasu Tip #2: Add-to-cart when deal hunting

Every veteran online shopper knows that speed is the name of the game, come online sales season, and there’s one coming soon on July 7: the much-anticipated Lazada 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale.

These are what we call Mega Days, where the discounts are off the charts, but one must know where to look – Mesti Beli and Crazy Flash Sale.

Lazada’s Mesti Beli promotions are Malaysian’s ultimate 7.7 shopping guide for amazing must-buy deals.

On the other hand, the Crazy Flash Sale is where you get your hands on special discounts of up to 90% and also RM1 deals on selected Flash Sale items on 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale from 12AM – 2AM, on July 7.

But, here’s the catch, these deals sell out in seconds. So, it’s best to add-to-cart while you are deal hunting, a few days before. Then, get your Lazada Wallet ready when the clock strikes midnight on Mega Day to checkout without having to overload Malaysia’s payment infrastructure capacity.

In short, topping up your Lazada Wallet before Mega Day helps you avoid payment failures when the race for checkouts begin at midnight when every second counts to grab the best deals.

Mr. Kiasu Tip #3: Always Chup Dulu!

If you think the prices are low now, it can go even lower if you know what you’re doing.

Few weeks before Mega Day sales, Lazada usually features the Chup Dulu function on the platform. The Chup Dulu function allows customers to reserve the most sought-after deals on the platform by paying a small non-refundable deposit (subject to terms and conditions).

So, if you’re a Mr. Kiasu like me and you don’t want your favourite deals to be snatched away, Chup Dulu is for you!

Not only that, when you Chup Dulu, the low price will drop even lower, resulting in more savings.

This Lazada 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale, Chup Dulu starts from now till 6 July 2020.

Mr. Kiasu Tip #4: Know your source with LazMall

It’s no secret that, in order to shop online, it takes some know-how to navigate a digital marketplace, similar to shopping at a physical night market.

However, for those that prefer authentic branded goods with reliable services when shopping online, Lazada Malaysia has a LazMall section on its platform, a virtual mall which features thousands of brands’ official flagship stores.

LazMall has three promises – 100% authenticity, 15-day easy returns, and the newly expanded guaranteed delivery.

You can be assured that all products on LazMall flagship stores are managed by the brands themselves and sourced directly from a licensed distributor.

What happens if you receive a non-authentic LazMall product? You get twice your money back

What happens if you receive a faulty LazMall product? You have 15 days to claim your refund

What happens if your LazMall delivery is late? You receive an automatic RM5 credit rebate

It is smart shopping made easy.

Click here for LazMall terms and conditions

Mr. Kiasu Tip #5: Research and compare prices

Nothing is more frustrating than buying something, only to then find it cheaper elsewhere.

However, comparing prices have never been easier on Lazada Malaysia with LazChoice, the everyday-lowest-price destination for quality products that meet your daily needs.

LazChoice products, which are the lowest price guaranteed, takes the grunt work out of smart shopping because you will receive a 200% rebate of the price difference if you find that exact product for cheaper elsewhere(subject to terms and conditions).


Fun fact: Just for Lazada 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale, the Lowest Price Guaranteed promotion is extended throughout the entire platform for any product with ‘CHUP DULU’ and ‘MID YEAR SALE’ in its title.

Of course, research isn’t just about price points. You also need to check the ratings and reviews of a seller and product.

But, it’s a different story when shopping on LazChoice because Lazada utilises AI and Machine Learning to scan its entire platform to shortlist trending sellers and products with a good track record and great ratings.

You can be assured of both price and quality when shopping on LazChoice as it ensures daily value for money, with Free Shipping vouchers too!

Mr. Kiasu Tip #6: The bigger the basket size, the more worthwhile your free shipping

Everyone loves free shipping vouchers, but not many realise that Lazada Malaysia has an evergreen page dedicated for free shipping deals!

For the Lazada 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale only, there will also be platform-wide vouchers to be collected, which offers RM8 off with a minimum spend of just RM15.

As the number of vouchers available are limited, it should be used wisely to maximise savings.


By using the add-to-cart function, you are able to increase your basket size and checkout all of your purchases in one payment transaction – minimising your number of shipment fees and maximising the value of the Free Shipping voucher.

This is much cheaper as compared to having multiple checkouts and accruing relatively larger shipment fees.

Mr. Kiasu Tip #7: Earn LazCoins through Shoppertainment

The final Mr. Kiasu guide for stretching your digital Ringgit and maximising your savings is the most fun.

Believe it or not, you can earn LazCoins by playing FunFarm and completing Missions.

Once you’ve collected enough LazCoins, you can redeem prizes in the form of vouchers or free gifts from the Reward Store.

You can also join in on the 7.7 Coin Race from now until Mega Day on July 7, where you can redeem rewards worth up to RM23,000 on Lazada 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale at 3PM.


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Congratulations! You have now graduated from Smart Shopping 101 with Mr. Kiasu.

With these seven tips, you will undoubtedly be the ultimate saver during this Lazada 7.7 Mid-Year Super Sale, while also doing your part to stimulate the digital economy.

Such exciting 24 hours to look forward to! Remember to top up your Lazada Wallet, add to cart, then be the first to seamlessly checkout the best deals at 12AM on July 7.

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