You Shouldn’t Miss This #JanganKenaScam Fest Roadshow

You Shouldn’t Miss This #JanganKenaScam Fest Roadshow

Malaysians beware! Scams are a dime a dozen in today’s interconnected and always-online world. We need to be more wary than ever to ensure you do not get caught up in some nasty business that can leave your finances in ruins. But are you able to spot these scams coming?

Earlier in October, the Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) and Association of Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM) have banded together to launch the #JanganKenaScam awareness campaign.

It is aimed at helping the public to gain enough knowledge on the many different types of scams out there. You will also learn how to identify them, and how to minimise the risks of falling for one.

Visit the #JanganKenaScam Fest at 1 U from 15 to 19 Nov

The #JanganKenaScam Fest roadshow will be travelling across the nation to spread awareness on this important issue. From 15 to 19 November, the public can visit the roadshow at 1 Utama Shopping Centre (Oval Concourse) in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Visitors will get an immersive experience and participate i scam simulation exercises. The goal is help Malaysians to arm themselves with the necessary info needed to counter the scammers.

Visitors who attend the show and successfully complete all activities at the experiential booths will stand  a chance to win some unique prizes, including  exclusive #JanganKenaScam merchandise.

The ABM had also recently announced that scam awareness alerts by banks are actually quite effective in helping the public to avoid getting scammed themselves.

As such, it would be worthwhile to learn more about how scams work, as it seemingly has proven to be effective at combating scammers.

Arm yourself with the basics on combating scammers

This writer had the opportunity to visit the #JanganKenaScam fest roadshow at 1 Utama on 15 Nov. The event is a simple but intuitive setup and proved to be highly informative. 

Each of the activity booths can be completed rather quickly and does a great job at summarising the most common scams in Malaysia and how you can avoid them.

Overall, you can be in and out of the event within 30 to 45 minutes, armed with the basics you need to catch those scammers with their pants down. 

Personally, I would recommend anyone to take a look at the roadshow, especially those who have very little interaction with their personal financing or with little investment experience. This roadshow helps you get up to date very quickly and arm  yourself with the knowledge to avoid scams. 

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