3 Insanely Expensive Romantic Gestures You Should Avoid This Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day just around a corner, most boyfriends and husbands (girlfriends and wives, too) are shuddering at the thought of spending hundreds, if not thousands of Ringgit on this highly commercialised day.

According to a florist in Malaysia, Floral House Sdn. Bhd., their top selling Valentine’s bouquet, Expression of Love, is priced at RM118 while another extravagant bestseller, Be My Love VS, a bouquet of 99 roses, costs a whopping RM980.

You may balk at these insane prices, but there are others who are even more generous than that, just to prove their love.

Here are some of the most insanely expensive romantic gestures we’ve seen:

1. Love me not?

99 iphone proposal

In China, a young man in his late 20’s proposed to his female colleague at the outdoor parking lot of their office. Forming a heart shape on the ground with 99 iPhones still in their boxes, he popped the question while on-lookers took their respective smart phones out to capture the romantic moment.

However, things went awry when the woman stunned by his actions, left the scene without a ‘yes’.

Perhaps his biggest mistake was choosing to propose to the love of his life on the highly controversial Single’s Day in China (November 11). Furthermore, his love interest was seen to be in possession of an iPhone 6 already.

His failed attempt has left him heartbroken, but with ample supply (99 of them) of iPhone 6s!

So how much did he spend on a love gone wrong?

The starting retail price of an iPhone 6 with 64GB is RM2,749. With the purchase of 99 boxes, it would have cost him a staggering amount of RM272,151!

2. Light me up on a billboard

billboard proposal

Something closer to home, 26-year-old Malaysian advertising executive David Tan did the unexpected by proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Kelly through a billboard advertisement on Valentine’s Day.

The billboard featured Tan holding a ring together with the words ‘Kelly Tan E Li, will you marry me?’

Lucky for Tan, his proposal did not meet the same fate as the man who proposed with 99 iPhone 6s. Kelly accepted his proposal with tears of joy.

In fact, the billboard advertisement was not the only surprise. Tan presented her with a RM14,000 diamond ring no woman would be able to refuse.

“I was so shocked and could not speak for about 10 minutes. He finally smiled when I told him yes,” said Kelly in an interview on The Star.

Cost of renting a billboard in the heart of Petaling Jaya for a full day was RM40,000. With the RM14,000 diamond ring, Tan forked out RM54,000 just on his proposal!

3. The (real) proposal

leng yein proposal

A businessman, Thomas, proposed to his 30-year-old former beauty queen/model turned DJ/mamak owner girlfriend, Leng Yein in the most fanciful manner.

He advertised his proposal on a billboard near Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya with “The Proposal” movie-themed design. To top that, he advertised his proposal to Leng Yein on the cover of The Star newspapers.


leng yein proposal 2

As if that’s not good enough, he pre-planned a dinner proposal at her mamak with an extravagant pink-themed princess teatime decorations. The final touch was the captivating heart-shaped ring he bought for her.

How lucky can this girl get? Full page on the cover of The Star newspapers + a billboard rental in the heart of Petaling Jaya + custom diamond-shaped ring come up to an estimated cost of over RM100,000!

Not only the rich and famous are known to spend extravagantly to capture the heart of their loved ones. It’s all fine and dandy to impress the love of your life with expensive gestures as long as you don’t end up in debt as a result!

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