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Many novice investors stay away from the stock market due to the fear of the unknown. Some may be brave enough to stick their toes hesitantly into the stock market, testing the waters before taking the plunge.

When it comes to stock trading, the famous mantra uttered by almost every stock investor, buy low, sell high, may seem simple enough for newbies to get started. However, stock trading is anything but straightforward.

Though it can be confusing sometimes, investing in the market can be very profitable once you start to grasp its finer details, hence it’s worth taking the time learning the ropes.

Previously, retail investors depended on a remisier or stock broker to do their trading but today you don’t need to depend on anyone else, you can do it all on your own – online.

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Investing online allows you to enjoy a low fee based on each trade. You can start working toward your retirement or other financial goals, without having to pay an expensive stock broker.

With many stock trading services mushrooming on the Internet, beginner stock traders are spoilt for choice. However, the key to choosing the best platform is find one that is able to support your needs. One particular platform to keep your eyes out for comes from Kenanga. When it comes to online share trading generally most platforms have identical key functions but what separates them are the value added services they’re able to provide.

KenTrade has some pretty impressive ones.

Access to latest information

Fees and charges aside, new retail investors need support the most in the beginning of their stock trading journey. They need the latest information and education to make the best stock trading decisions.

As stock trading is very dependent on the market ups and downs, keeping your finger on the pulse of the market can make a difference in gains or losses in your investment. KenTrade provides real time Dow Jones breaking news, and also credible research papers from their own research team as well as a myriad of others to help you make timely, educated and effective investment decisions.

For a beginner, these technical reports can be daunting to digest. To aid newbies, Kenanga Research also makes available Market Strategies based on the latest market conditions with their stock picks to help you along.

Seizing your investment opportunity

Most retail investors are busy with their daily lives, and may not have time to monitor, buy or sell their stocks 24/7. The good-till-date order function available on KenTrade allows investors to set conditional requests on the system till a predetermined date, unless it is executed or cancelled.

This is especially useful for busy investors, or those who tend to travel and may not always have access to the Internet or to their brokers. This feature allows price targets to be set up to 30 calendar days.

Inaction can sometimes cost more than actions when it comes to investment. By staying ahead of the game through the interactive GTD order feature, investors don’t have to worry about falling victim to loss of opportunity for whatever reasons.

Staying on the pulse

According to Lee Kok Khee, the executive director and head of equity broking from Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd, in a report published by The Sun Daily, Gen-Ys are not participating in the market. Most of the investors and agents are above 40 years old.

The steep learning curve to share trading could be the reason why most young investors shy away from this potentially lucrative investment instrument. To ease the entry of new investors, KenTrade offers interactive charting tools and fundamental financial data — all with a few clicks of a mouse on the portal.

These tools and charts offer real-time information on the latest trends, breakout stocks, and also help investors identify investment opportunities quickly. They also help out new investors by automatically showing users on the platform suggested technical analysis points like key support and resistance lines – giving you a head start on learning how to do it yourself.

Comparing stocks to make investment decisions has never been this easy, as the customisable parameters are instantly plotted in a chart for ease of reference.

The fundamental financial data by equities tracker allows investors to screen through equities for Bursa and SGX based on the investment criteria set. This allows investors to immediately identify the high yielding stocks and also analyse the performances.

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After years of avoiding shares investment, beginner retail investors can now kick-start their journeys to realise their financial goals through stock trading.

If you are fed up with 2% to 3% returns on savings being wiped out by inflation, this is one of the best investment vehicle that can boost and fortify your savings over the years.

If you want to pick up online stock trading, set up a trading account with KenTrade with just RM10 to be paid to Bursa Malaysia Depository for the opening of a CDS account. Opening of a trading account with Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad is free.

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