How Much Cash Do These Celebs Rake In? Seriously….

7. James Patterson – US$91 million

james patterson

You may not know this name, but you know the films he was involved with, because he was the author of the epistles that inspired some of the best money-making thrillers in Hollywood last two decades. Patterson is the author of Along Came The Spider, popular novel which is also a thriller flick of the same name that apparently made US$91 million as of June last year. With some of his titles on the e-book best seller list, Forbes argue, Patterson is definitely the most successful author of all time.

8. Michael Bay – US$82 million (a year)

michael bay

If you are a fan of action flicks like Top Gun, The Rock, Armageddon, and the Transformer, you are no stranger to the explosive director, Michael Bay.

His yearly income is estimated to be around US$82 million (RM265.2 million). Transformers 4 is set to release in the next few months and while we gawk at the explosion filled robot extravaganza, Bay will be busy digging out another hectare of ground for his personal swimming pool.

9. Tiger Woods – US$78.1 million (a year)


Tiger Woods is back in the game after falling from grace (the car crash scandal) in 2009. He is once again ranked as the highest earning athlete on Forbes, with an annual income of US$78.1 million (RM 252.6 million) as reported here. In between putting on the greens, Woods has been busy signing endorsement deals, appearances and even golf course designs to boost his earnings.

10. Jackie Chan – US$20 million

Džekijs Čans

This list will not be complete without a superstar from this part of the region and no one’s as big now as Jackie Chan. Chan has been minting money over the years. He has been around ever since earlier martial art celluloid master Bruce Lee passed on to drop the fiery torch to this skillful aerobatic heir.

Chan is currently 59 years old, and his resume says that he is a martial artist, director, producer, screenwriter, action choreographer, singer, stunt director, and stunt performer. And his box-office draw noted that he is earning around the region of US$15 million (RM48.5 million) for two of his Rush Hours flick (Rush Hour 2 and Rush Hour 3) and US$ 5 million (RM16.1 million) for Shanghai Noon as per the report here, which makes him the highest paid actor in Asia.

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