Khazanah: National Housing Survey Needed


The government must conduct a national housing survey to develop measures for a steady supply of housing at cheaper prices, said Khazanah Research Insititute (KRI).

Suraya Ismail, its research director, said the survey provided guidance to federal and state government, as well as local authorities to plan housing programmes at division or mukim level based on effective demand and land suitability.

“The survey should include demand-side analysis, covering the distinct demographic patterns whether mukims consist predominantly of young dependents and families, working populations or retirees, and income.

“On supply-side analysis, a land suitability assessment should be done including the current land-use patterns and zones,” she said during a forum “Making Housing Affordable” conducted by KRI in conjunction with World Urban Forum 9 (WUF9) yesterday.

She said currently there was data available to undertake a supply-side housing land and suitability model but the demand-side data was limited.


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