“Here’s What I Get At A Ramadhan Bazaar With Just RM10”

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The Ramadhan bazaars are upon us again! From late afternoon, pockets in the city transform into vibrant food fairs as crowds descend onto these sunset markets to get their fill for a scrumptious buka puasa feast.

Enter the delicious kaleidoscope of grilled and skewered meat, rendang, murtabak and long, glittering rows of soft and sweet kuih that many Malaysians look forward to sinking their teeth in.

However, with the recent GST implementation, coupled with growing year-to-year inflation (which reportedly rose 0.9% in March from a year ago), you may quickly discover that your Ringgit does not stretch quite as far as it used to, even at these roadside bazaars.

To put this to the test, this writer takes a trip to some of these bazaars to find out just how much RM10 can get you nowadays.

  • Taman Tun Dr Ismail

The Ramadhan bazaar in Taman Tun has got to be one of the most popular spots in greater Kuala Lumpur and is known for its good food and elaborate options.

With mouth-watering delicacies like roast lamb, fresh lemang, rendang, murtabak and crispy popiah, it is no wonder that patrons from all over flock to the area to sample the traditional Ramadhan fare.

But while it is easy to get immersed in the dizzying array of choices, prices of goods are slightly on the higher side. For instance, one chicken leg can cost about RM7, while rice dishes can easily range between RM10 and RM12.


Meanwhile, snacks like kebab and the assortment of roti’s ranged from RM4 to RM5. Chicken satay went for something like RM0.70 per stick, while kuihs were selling from RM2 upwards.

ttdi(2) (1)

Here’s what I managed to snag for RM10:

  • Beef murtabak – RM4
  • Beef kebab – RM4
  • Kuih koci (3 pieces) – RM2
  • Bangsar

  • The upscale Telawi area is home to Bangsar’s Ramadhan bazaar. Located directly behind Bangsar Village 2, the stretch of stalls may seem rather short, but it is packed with all your favourite Ramadan delights. However, selection is decidedly more limited compared to other bazaars in the city.

    bangsar(2) (1)

    Prices are surprisingly cheap, with packets of chicken rice going from only RM5 to RM5.50 . Meanwhile, one stick of ayam percik and a small roti John both went for RM3 respectively.


    I decided to do away with the usual fried and battered fare, and went for the most “wholesome” option I could find and bagged this meal for under RM10:


    For under RM10, I bought:

    • Nasi ayam – RM5
    • Air mata kucing (1 bottle) – RM2

    I could have probably gotten a roti John or a stick of ayam percik (which cost RM3 respectively) to round up the total to RM10, but I just didn’t think I had enough room for more food after the nasi ayam.

    Alternatively, I could also have done away with the air mata kucing and bought a beef or chicken pita kebab (for RM4 respectively) instead.

    • Bandar Tun Razak

    The sleepy suburb comes alive every evening during Ramadhan as neighbouring folks gather to sample the season’s offerings.

    btr(1) (1)

    Sweet treats like kuih talam and onde onde are perfect to end the day.

    Prices of items here are notably cheaper compared to bazaars at Taman Tun and Bangsar. For instance, you can get a packet of chicken rice from RM4.50 to RM5.50, and a packet of fried noodles for RM2. Meanwhile, curry puffs were selling for just 50 cents each and tau fu fah for RM1.

    The food selection is also rather commendable, considering it is located at a small, neighbourhood area.

    btr(2) (1)

    Here’s what I got for under RM10:

    • Mee goreng biasa – RM2
    • Kuih pelita (5 pieces) – RM2
    • Curry puff (2 pieces) – RM1
    • Onde onde (4 pieces) – RM2
    • Tau fu fah – RM1

    So how much does RM10 really get you at the Ramadhan bazaar nowadays? Not much, really, but it also depends on the location you are in.

    Those who are big on the appetite, but a little tight on the budget would generally have better luck at a smaller, neighbourhood bazaar than one in more central locations.

    Tell us what you’ve been able to get with RM10?

    Alternatively, if you prefer to buka puasa at an all-you-can-eat buffet, check out our list of best Ramadhan buffets that KL and PJ have to offer for under RM100.

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