The Ultimate Guide to Better Health & Wealth (Millennial Edition) - Chapter 1

How Healthy Are Malaysian Millennials?


Millennials, those who are 24 to 39 years old in 2020 are in for a downward ride as far as health is concerned. The health of millennials is starting to decline around the age of 27, much earlier than it does during normal ageing, which is after the age of 30.

We are also looking at a whopping 40% increase in the mortality rates among millennials compared to the generation before them.

Millennials are prone to mental health issues, unaffordable healthcare costs and burnout. Could this be due to their different approach to healthcare compared to the previous generations?

How do millennials approach healthcare?

First of all, being a technology-centric generation, millennials are studying, working and living differently than the generations before them.

All you need is your laptop, and you can work from any part of the world. Working 24/7 is slowly but surely erasing the line between work time and personal time.

This blurring of lines also leads to a different mindset when it comes to taking care of their health.

3 differences in how millennials approach healthcare

Millennials grew up in a borderless world where access to information is being made more transparent and available at their fingertips. This has shaped their unique view when it comes to healthcare.

For instance:

They do their research and take things into their own hands
Being the ‘self’ focused generation, millennials are dealing with their healthcare issues on their own. Easy access to information and lack of time to visit their GP have led to them opting for a more convenient and affordable means.
Apps, apps, and more apps
Being the apps generation, millennials resort to apps for almost anything and everything. From fitness tracking, budgeting, and healthy eating to opting for online doctor consultations.
They know that being healthy is more than just avocado toast and smoothies
Despite the negative perceptions of millennials, they seem to know what they are doing. They are aware that being healthy includes physical and mental health. They also know that getting healthcare insurance is a big part of ‘adulting’!

Moving forward with millennials and healthcare…

Healthcare for millennials is an issue that we cannot tiptoe around. To fully understand the underlying concerns and changes, we need to get a strong grasp on what it is like to be a millennial.

This guide will be a useful resource to find out more about new health concerns, health insurance basics, top chronic diseases to watch out for and how to use technology to improve one’s health, whether you are a millennial or not.

Advancing mobile technology has brought in a myriad of health and fitness-related apps. Now, getting the right health app and making it a part of your daily routine is just a tap away on your smartphone.

Embark on your health journey right away! Download Pulse now!

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