Study: Have more sex, earn more money


When it comes to financial success, having an active sex life plays a major role.

When it comes to financial success, having an active sex life plays a major role.

A new study has found people who have sex at least four times a week earn 5% more in wages than their less lucky counterparts.

On the contrary, the study’s author, Nick Drydakis, a senior lecturer in economics at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, found that those who don’t have any sex at all earned 3% less than those who are sexually active.

Published by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany, Drydakis, the study titled “The Effect of Sexual Activity on Wages,” found that sex is a “barometer for health, quality of life, well-being and happiness.”

According to Drydakis, the correlation between sex and financial success could be because more sexual activity boosts confidence and self-esteem, which in turn makes employees more productive, happy and creative.

“Being sexually active is a proxy for good health, and that itself is correlated with having higher energy for everything, including work,” Andrew Oswald, economics professor at Britain’s Warwick University agreed in a report on

It also affects how satisfied someone is in their personal life, which can affect their work life.

People need to love and be loved

“People need to love and be loved (sexually and non-sexually) by others. In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and depression that could affect their working life,” Drydakis told

This is supported by Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where sex is ranked as a relatively fundamental need along with food and shelter.

It’s also important to note that more sex can result in higher wages, but higher wages may also result in more sex.

“They may increase the value and attractiveness of a person on the dating market,” he added.

This does not just apply to single people in the dating market but it also seems to be more prevalent in married couple.

“Married people, particularly men, earn higher wages than the non-married,” Oswald said. “One possible explanation is that such people are sociable, stable people.”

That’s provided if the married man is doing the deed regularly. Conversely, a sexless marriage appears to be detrimental to a person’s earning power.

“Married men having no sex receive lower wages by 1.3%,” Drydakis wrote in the study, calling the amount ‘statistically significant’.

The study, conducted in England, collected data on 7,500 people aged 26 to 50. Sexual preference did not make a difference in the results, the study found.

So, what you’re waiting for? Have more sex and earn more money!

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