Here’s How Much It Will Cost To Perform The Hajj

Here’s How Much It Will Cost To Perform The Hajj

Performing the Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. While it is only compulsory for those that can afford it, that hasn’t stopped Muslims from dreaming of making the pilgrimage to the holy land of Mecca.

However, it can cost quite a lot. This is no surprise, as for a Hajj trip you will have to go all the way to Saudi Arabia, and this unforgettable journey will take at least five days to complete, which means that you will have to pay for lodgings for the five days as well. 

Including other costs like transportation, food and other expenses, a Hajj trip can set you back for quite a bit, monetarily.

How much does a Hajj trip cost?

There are two ways to fund your Hajj; through the government-owned Tabung Haji or privately.

Tabung Haji

Tabung Haji is subsidised by the government, which means that it costs a lot less than funding the pilgrimage yourself. In fact, for 2022, the government has allocated between RM300,000 to RM400,000 for Hajj subsidies.

Here’s a table to show you just how much it will cost you to go on this holy pilgrimage with Tabung Haji;

Hajj cost
How much each pilgrim will have to pay
B40 pilgrimsNon - B40 pilgrims
How much Tabung Haji subsidises
B40 pilgrimsNon - B40 pilgrims
RM14,560 (57%)RM12,560 (49%)

[Source : Tabung Haji]

However, going on your Hajj trip with Tabung Haji comes with a caveat. This caveat is that every year, there is a quota set by the government of Saudi Arabia for Hajj pilgrims from Malaysia. For 2022, this quota is set at 14,306 pilgrims.

This means that if you plan to go for this holy pilgrimage with Tabung Haji, chances are you would have to wait for quite a while.

Which brings us to the alternative, which is privately funding your Hajj.

Private Hajj packages

If you’re not willing to wait for your turn at Tabung Haji, then your other alternative is to employ a private Hajj package.

How do you do this? Well, the process is simple enough. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you’ve done two important steps, which is;

  1. You must be registered with Tabung Haji for at least five years.
  2. You must have appealed with Tabung Haji to perform your Hajj pilgrimage that year.

If you meet both of those requirements, the next step is for you to find a private Hajj pilgrimage package. However, be warned that this will come at a very high price tag. 

These private Hajj packages are also operating under a strict quota set by Tabung Haji. Which means that usually, the lower price packages are quickly snapped up, leaving only the higher priced ones available.

So just how much can a private Hajj pilgrimage cost? It can cost anywhere from RM40,000 to RM270,000.

Although some people might baulk at the very high price that comes with a private Hajj package, there are several advantages to them.

Convenience is one of them, as with a higher price Hajj package, you get to choose just how many roommates you will have during your stay, getting a hotel that is closer to the Kaaba’, and more. 

But if you’re going on a private Hajj pilgrimage package, remember to make sure that the company that is organising your pilgrimage is registered with Tabung Haji, so that you won’t fall for scams.

Furada Visa

Another alternative you can explore is applying for a Furada Visa.

To explain it simply, a Furada Visa is a Hajj visa that is issued straight from the Saudi Arabian government and does not involve the Hajj quota of a country. This means that with a Furada Visa, you can go for your pilgrimage without dealing with Tabung Haji.

However, due to this, it’s also the most expensive option available for anyone who wants to perform the holy pilgrimage. A Furada Visa by itself, can cost up to RM12,000 to RM16,000. That is before including the cost of other things such as accommodation, flight tickets and others.

Another thing that needs to be considered is due to how a Furada Visa is disconnected from the Tabung Haji system, a Furada Visa Hajj package is also rife with scammers, which means that you will have to do your due diligence in your research before deciding on a Furada Visa package.

Choose what you can afford

So there you have it, all the available ways you can do the Hajj pilgrimage in Malaysia, and how much it costs. Before you make your decision, be sure to carefully consider the impact it might have on your finances, and if you can afford it.

After all, the fifth pillar of Islam is the Hajj pilgrimage, but only for those who can afford it.

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