Slash Your Uber & Grab Fares With These Latest Promo Codes [Updated]

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Ride-hailing services have become an integral part of transportation in Malaysia, especially in the Klang Valley. There are many reasons why Malaysians fell in love with the service. It is a breath of fresh air for many who had years of experience dealing with errant taxi drivers and also stranded with no safe public transportation.

There are two major ride-hailing companies in Malaysia: Grab and Uber, which were both legalised back in July 2017. They are now regulated by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD). This news has significantly driven more people to join these ride-sharing companies as full- and part-time drivers, including taxi drivers. If you are a looking to be a ride-sharing driver, read this to consider if you should become a Uber or Grab driver.

Here’s a quick comparison of a trip from Damansara Heights to Lot 10 Bukit Bintang between the two companies:

Wisma UOA Damansara – Lot 10 Bukit Bintang
RM10 – RM14
RM14 – RM21

Based on the fare estimation, GrabCar and UberX are both cheaper than hailing a metered taxi. However, there’s a way for you to cut your fares further with promo codes.

Both companies are always offering promo codes to attract new riders and also as a collaboration with certain companies or banks.

Here are the latest promo codes for both Grab and Uber:

Grab Malaysia

Grab was established in 2012 and is now headquartered in Singapore. Today, Grab is present in six countries across the region: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Here are the on-going promo codes for Grab Malaysia:

PromoRM15 off worth of free rides
Promo code


ValidityDecember 31, 2018
Terms & conditions

  1. New Users Cash & GrabPay (Credit & Debit card) payment.

Uber Malaysia

Uber started in 2008 in Paris, but is now headquartered in the United States. Launched in 2013 in Malaysia, it comes with a few options such as uberX (economy) and uberBLACK (premium). Currently, Uber is available in 15 cities in Malaysia, including the Klang Valley, Terengganu, Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat and Sandakan.

Here are the on-going promo codes for Uber Malaysia:

PromoRM6 off 4 rides
Promo code


Validity10am – 10pm till January 28, 2018
Terms & conditions

  1. Limited applies to the promo code.

  2. For selected users only

For Maybank credit/debit card holders

PromoRM24 off 2 rides
Promo code


ValidityApril 30, 2018
Terms & conditions

  1. Promotions are valid for first-time users of Uber.

  2. Savings for Uber Rides is capped at RM12 per ride for the first 2 rides.

  3. Valid with Maybank American Express card only.

More information
Maybank 2 Cards

Maybank 2 Cards

Enjoy 5% cashback on all weekend transactions

Up to 5x TreatsPoints from local and overseas transactions

How to ride safely in Grab & Uber

Although these ride-sharing services offer a great alternative to other modes of public transportation, it is not completely free of scandals and negative news. With the recent news involving ride-sharing drivers and the security and safety of the passengers, here are some tips

1. Check details of driver

When you book a ride, the details of the driver will be displayed on the app. These details include the photo of the drive, his/her full name and the car license plate.

If the driver does not match the image in the app, passengers are strongly advised to cancel the ride and report to the ride-sharing company.

2. Share your ride

Once you have the details of the driver or the estimated time of arrival (ETA) displayed on your app, you also have the option to share the ride with a trusted friend or family. This will ensure someone will be alerted of your destination and if you’ve safely arrived. In the event of any incident, they will also be able to make a report on your behalf using the details given.

3. Check the driver’s rating

For a more comfortable ride, you will also be able to check the driver’s rating when you are match with a drive. You can choose to cancel a trip if the driver’s rating is too low to avoid any incident.

4. MERS 999 (Emergency button)

For Grab, there is an emergency button included in your app. In the event of emergency, you can tap the button to contact the authorities. Keep your phone easily available during the ride to ensure you will be able to access the app if you feel you safety is threatened.

5. Give your feedback

Feedback is important for these companies to vet its drivers and also improve on their security. Take the time to rate the drivers honestly and fairly, and if need to, give you honest feedback.

If Uber or Grab is not for you, take a look at this comprehensive guide on public transportation in the Klang Valley.

Image from Tech Wire Asia

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