Gardenia Increases Prices On Selected Products

muffin rolls

Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd (Gardenia KL) has recently made an announcement that confirmed an increase of prices of selected products beginning 1 October 2023.

According to a statement that was released to Berita Harian, the major bread manufacturer will continue to retain the existing prices for its range of white bread, whole wheat and Toast’em products in order to not lay an extensive burden on its existing customer base. 

The products that will undergo a price review next month include Gardenia NuMee, Gardenia Fluffy Buns, Gardenia Puazz!, Gardenia QuickBites, Gardenia Double Choc Muffins, Gardenia Twiggies and Gardenia Squiggles.

In September last year, Gardenia increased the prices of its loaves, spreads and other products, attributing said price increase to the impact of inflation on raw materials.

Gardenia has not yet released a reason as to why there is another price hike this year. Here are the new prices for some of Gardenia’s products:

  • Gardenia Fluffy Buns 280gm – RM4.20 (up 67 sen)
  • Gardenia Puazz! 90gm – RM2.60 (up 52 sen)
  • Gardenia Quickbites 50gm – RM1.20 (up 20 sen) 
  • Gardenia Double Choc Muffins 70gm – RM2.30 (up 42 sen)
  • Gardenia Twiggies 76gm – RM2.10 (up 36 sen)
  • Gardenia Squiggles 50gm – RM1.60 (up 32 sen)
  • Gardenia Sandwich Bread Rolls 240gm – RM3 (up 51 sen)
  • Gardenia Toast’em Waffles 42gm – RM1.60 (up 29 sen)
  • Gardenia Auntie Rosie’s Kaya 200gm – RM3.80 (up 62 sen)
  • Gardenia NuMee 450gm – RM2 (up 37 sen)
  • Gardenia NuMee Keluarga 900gm – RM3.20 (up 64 sen)

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