Employers Should Be Considerate To Employees With HFMD-infected Kids


Employers from both private and public sectors must be understanding with the workers if their children are diagnosed with the hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), said Women, Family and Community Development Deputy Minister Hannah Yeoh.

Employers who are considerate would allow employees to work from home, or, take leave to care for their children.

“I think it’s important for employers to be understanding, otherwise parents will feel guilty and send their children to school or nursery, when in fact, their child (needs) to be housed (quarantined) at home so that the disease will not continue to spread,” Yeoh said.

Other than employers, shopping centres were also urged to do their part by always sanitising its public facilities, including the trolleys provided. This will combat germs and minimise the risk of HFMD outbreaks, said Yeoh.

Vigilant measures must be taken in public areas, she urged all to reduce outdoor activities with the family at this time.

The HFMD outbreak which started in Penang, and spread to Kedah and Pahang, was reported to have also spread to the capital when a class at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Tun Dr Ismail 2 here was closed and all 36 of its students were given leave for 10 days after four of them were infected with HFMD.

There were 35,886 cumulative cases of the disease recorded nationwide from January 1 to July 23 this year, according to the Health Ministry’s record.


Image from The Malay Mail

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