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Govt Warns Malaysians Not To Fall Victim To eMadani Scams

The government’s e-wallet initiative, eMadani has rolled out to the people today.  Along with it, the government has also issued reminders to beware of scammers.  Malaysians are asked to stay alert and be on the lookout  for scammers. This includes any suspicious activity or claims regarding the eMadani e-wallet credit.

In a press release on their official Facebook page, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) reminded all Malaysians who qualify for eMadani not to fall victim for any scams involving the e-wallet credit initiative.

“The government will impose strict action on anyone involved, which will include blocking access and rescinding the e-wallet eligibility for any cases involving peer-to-peer transfer or cash redemptions.”

The press release also stated that the main goal of the eMadani initiative is to encourage the digital economy.  The initiative aims to inculcate the culture of cashless payments among Malaysians.

Beware of eMadani scammers tactics

Some of the tips on how to avoid these scammers shared on are:

  • Don’t join social media chat groups offering to cash-out your eMadani credits
  • Beware of any link shared to you relating to the eMadani programme or other government cash aid which are scammers trying to steal your personal details
  • Don’t join Whatsapp or Telegram message groups inviting eMadani recipients with offers of assistance and information regarding the programme

Hence why the e-wallet credit can’t be transferred through peer-to-peer transactions or cash redemptions.

According to a report from New Straits Times, unscrupulous scammers have already circled around unsuspecting eMadani recipients, hoping to cheat them out of their share of the eMadani credit.

Some of the methods the scammers are using is advertising a Telegram group link, and saying that eMadani recipients may join this group to cash out their eMadani credit. These services also offer to charge a five percent fee to help recipients to cash-out their credits.

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