Here’s How You Claim The eMadani RM100 eWallet Credit

Here’s How You Claim The eMadani RM100 eWallet Credit

During the parliamentary session at Dewan Rakyat yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced that the eMadani’s RM100 e-wallet credit will be open for redemption starting next month.

Anwar made his announcement right after the parliament completed its debate on the Budget 2024 bill.

In his announcement, Anwar stated that the RM100 eWallet credit, dubbed eMadani, will be available for redemption by any qualified Malaysians from the 4th of December 2023, to 20th February 2024.

“The implementation of the eMADANI programme beginning next Monday aligns with the Government’s commitment to expedite the execution of measures to support the digital economy and provide direct assistance to the rakyat,” said the prime minister.

We have listed down the frequently asked questions for Malaysians planning to claim their eMadani eWallet credit.

Where can I redeem the eMadani eWallet credit?

As announced by the Prime Minister, there are four ewallet providers that Malaysians can choose from to redeem their eMadani eWallet credit;

  • Setel,
  • MAE
  • Touch ‘n Go eWallet, and
  • Shopee Pay

Who can redeem the eMadani eWallet credit?

The eMadani RM100 eWallet credit can be redeemed by any Malaysians aged 21 and above, who make less than RM100,000 annually.

How can I redeem the eMadani eWallet credit?

Before you can redeem the eMadani eWallet credit, you have to register for it first.

So here’s how to register for the eMadani initiative, according to the Ministry of Finance’s official X (previously known as Twitter) page.

Step 1; Download any of the four participating e-wallets

Step 2; Follow the instructions provided in the e-wallet you chose

Step 3; Verify your identity using the e-Know Your Customer (KYC) system

Step 4; Fill the form with the required information and press ‘Submit’.

Step 5; If your registration is successful, you will receive a notification.

Once you’ve successfully registered, you will receive the eMadani eWallet credit in your eWallet account automatically.

It should go without saying, but each eligible participant can only redeem eMadani from one platform of your choosing only.

What can I use eMadani for?

According to the eMadani’s official website, the eMadani eWallet credit can be used ONLY FOR PHYSICAL PURCHASES using your eWallet account, except for;

  • Peer-to-peer transfer
  • Cash redemption
  • Integrated bill payments using eWallet
  • Integrated government agency fees using eWallet
  • Paying for both postpaid and prepaid telco bills using your eWallet
  • Any game purchase using your eWallet
  • Parking ticket/toll payments
  • eWallet integrated investment activities, and
  • Any online transactions

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