Price Control Scheme Will Be Announced For Deepavali On Nov 6

Deepavali price control items

The Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) will be announcing the Festive Season Price Control Scheme for Deepavali on Monday (November 6), as reported by Bernama.

A list of items that are placed under the Price Control Scheme will be unveiled, in response to the concerns raised by the Penang Hindu Association (PHA) and consumers over the significant increase of prices for essential items in the lead-up to the Deepavali festivity.

Deputy Minister Fuziah Salleh says that it is a standard measure enforced by the ministry to ensure consumers can purchase the items they need at controlled prices during festive periods.

“Usually we will set the maximum prices for necessities based on festivals such as Deepavali, which has its special items, and different items for Chinese New Year.”

“We will enforce it for seven days before and after Deepavali and continuously monitor all locations,” said Fuziah after a surveying of chicken prices at a Kajang Market.

PHA had recently expressed their concerns over the increase in prices for essential items, less than ten days before the festivity. Items such as seeds, rice, milk powder, ghee, curry powder, wheat flour, rice flour, and chilli powder, had a surge in prices of up to 64 per cent.

The announcement of the removal of a ceiling price for chicken during the budget 2024 tabling has led to concerns that traders will set unreasonable pricing.

However, Fuziah said that action will be taken against traders who do so under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 and the Competition Act 2010 against producers or cartels.

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