PM Announces One Of Highest Pay Hikes Ever For Civil Servants

PM Announces One Of Highest Pay Hikes Ever For Civil Servants

Yesterday, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced a more than 13% pay hike for civil servants, one of the highest in Malaysia’s history.

This will be the first pay hike for civil servants in 12 years, and the highest pay hike in the past was just at 13%. Anwar has promised a salary adjustment that will be higher than 13%, and will involve an amount of RM10 billion altogether.

The Prime Minister announced the increment during the Labour Day celebration in Putrajaya International Convention Centre yesterday, according to reports.

In his speech, Anwar stated that thanks to the salary adjustment, overall minimum pay for civil servants must reach more than RM2,000.

Anwar also added that the governments of Sabah and Sarawak had agreed to make amendments to their ordinances, to match the Employment Act 1955 which is applicable in Peninsular Malaysia.

Anwar also touched on worker’s condition in his speech, and has called for a more humane treatment for workers, instead of treating them like “semi-slaves”.

Increment for civil servants is not debatable – HR minister

In another report, Human Resources minister, Steven Sim has stated that the recently announced civil servant’s pay hike will not be disputed, as it is a symbol of how the government values civil servants.

Sim also stated that the announcement is not to be taken as a sign that the government is neglecting workers from the private sector, as there are other programmes for different sectors, such as the Progressive Wage Policy, which aims at increasing the median wage of private sector employees.

As quoted by New Straits Times, Steven Sim said that the government sees civil servants as frontliners who are imperative for the country’s progress.

Which is why the hope with the pay hike is that it will provide motivation for civil servants to continue to carry out their duties efficiently and productively, said Sim after being a panellist in the Suara Anak Madani programme at Kuala Kubu Baru yesterday.

Sim also showed gratitude towards civil servants, saying that last year’s recorded government investment of RM329.5 billion was due to their indispensable support.

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