Bursa, SC Increase Monitoring To Ensure Stability During Middle East Conflicts

securities commission

Bursa Malaysia and the Securities Commission of Malaysia have increase market monitoring to ensure that the capital market remains stable amid growing tensions in the Middle East.

The joint statement read: “We would like to assure that our market fundamentals remain strong and our intermediaries are well capitalised. We also have a robust system in place to ensure
continuous and effective clearing and settlement of trades. Additionally, we have the necessary controls in place to address potential sharp increase in volatility in the equity market.

We will continue to assess the situation very closely to ensure the integrity of our capital market remains intact.”

Tensions in the Middle East rose over the weekend after Iran launched a massive wave of missile and drone strikes against Israel, purportedly in response to an attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria. The incident has stoked fears that Israel could retaliate and plunge the region into further chaos.

A land war between the two nations appears unlikely, as they do not share a border and are separated by several other countries that are not friendly to either side.

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