Avoid These Blunders While Travelling With A Credit Card

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Travelling is one of the world’s greatest pastimes and allows us to have brand new experiences and see cultures that are far different from what you might be used to. Travelling also tends to mean lots of shopping and eating. 

As such, regular travellers might be aware of what they have to do to get the payments done abroad, but for others, things might still be a little confusing or difficult.

There are plenty of things people forget or do not know at all while traveling which can not only sour the experience, but also cost them financially. 

Many of these blunders occur because people tend to not be aware of them. Therefore, it is best to get familiar with what can go wrong while travelling with a credit card and how you can avoid such situations.

Mistakes to avoid while travelling with credit cards

While there are many things that you should be aware of while travelling with a credit card, your troubles can actually start even before you leave on your trip. For example:

Forgetting to contact your bank

Things such as credit cards and debit cards might certainly be handy in everyday life, but it may not be the same in a foreign land. Sometimes when going overseas, your cards might not even work at all. This usually happens because international transactions are not activated. 

If you are going to be travelling overseas, you should probably notify your card issuer or bank about your trip beforehand.

Failing to do so may result in the bank thinking that your card might have been stolen, thus leading to deactivation. Trying to get your card reactivated while in a foreign land can be a massive pain that will most definitely ruin the mood of your trip.

Getting the wrong card

Applying for the right card is very important when you plan to travel overseas. Even if you are using a travel credit card, you need to make sure that the card has all the benefits that fits your spending and lifestyle choices. Some people prefer spending on a variety of unique lodgings and accommodations, while others can prefer shopping and dining. 

These things are very different types of purchases and you need to make sure that you applied for the right card for making the payment to capitalise on your rewards and bonuses. In case some people have more than just one credit card, they have more options to choose from. For those who are stuck with just one card, you will need to make sure that the card covers as many of your needs as possible.

You should always compare and find the best credit card that suit your needs.


This should go without saying. While you are allowed to enjoy your holiday and spend as much as you wish, you should try to not go too overboard with your credit card spending while overseas. Remember, the money you spend using a credit card may not come out of your account directly, but you will need to pay it back eventually. 

Always remember to make a well-thought out budget before leaving for your trip. If you notice that your expenses are beginning to exceed your limits, then it might be time to cut back.

Overspending with a credit card is easy and is going to make you financially exhausted not while traveling, but once you receive your credit card bill. To make sure, you do not regret your decisions, spend accordingly.

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Not utilising perks and benefits

Credit cards, especially those specialised for travel, often come with some very enticing perks and benefits. These can range from discounts on certain hotels, restaurants, and travel lounge access in airports around the world. Other cards may have a wider range of benefits such as movies and dining with certain partnered restaurants which can help you waive a percent of your expenses. The same goes for other categories. These discounts, vouchers, and memberships will also help you enjoy your trip without excessive worry.

Do keep in mind that it is very easy to make unnecessary purchases which are also very bad for your financial health when travelling with a credit card. It is of utmost importance to check all the details, rules and regulations, and charges before making your budget for traveling.

Also, there are benefits provided by the banks that can vary from one bank to another with regards to their credit card offerings. It is very important to use these perks wisely because not using them would be a massive waste.

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