Aidilfitri RAHMAH Sale Will Run Until 9 April

Aidilfitri RAHMAH Sale Will Run Until 9 April

With Hari Raya just around the corner, the Aidilfitri RAHMAH Sales Programme (PJR) has commenced nationwide and will run until 9 April.

According to reporting by Bernama, Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister (KPDN), Datuk Armizan, Mohd Ali, said in a statement that the programme will offer a variety of essential goods at discounted rates. These rates can range anywhere between 10 to 30 percent off their original retail price.

Apart from a variety of dried goods, the Aidilfitri PJR will also be offering a range of daily necessities that are essential for Aidilfitri preparations. These include items such as chicken, beef, rice, and spices.

“The Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry is expanding the Payung RAHMAH MADANI Agenda with the implementation of the Aidilfitri PJR, in conjunction with this year’s Raya celebration,” said Armizan.

The number of locations where the Aidilfitri PJR is being implemented is as follows:

  • Johor – 18
  • Kedah – 21
  • Kelantan – 14
  • Kuala Lumpur – 4
  • Melaka – 13
  • Pahang – 15
  • Perak – 25
  • Perlis – 3
  • Penang – 42
  • Sabah – 29
  • Sarawak – 45
  • Selangor – 36
  • Terengganu – 22
  • Negeri Sembilan – 13
  • Putrajaya – 1
  • Labuan – 1

Throughout this year’s Ramadan, Armizan mentioned that the KPDN had implemented the Raamdan PJR in 452 locations nationwide from 12 March to 3 April, surpassing the initial goal of 450 targeted venues.

“The programme is one of the initiatives by the Madani Government aimed at alleviating the people’s cost of living by offering essential goods at cheaper prices, especially in preparation for fasting month and the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri,” he said.

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