12 Weirdest Things People Insure

Most of us have some insurance policies, typically to cover unexpected costs or losses with possessions or incomes. However, with some individuals, things work a little differently. Since some people depend on different parts of their bodies for their income, they sometimes take out insurance to protect these assets.

Here are 12 of the weirdest things people insure for:

1. Bruce Springsteen


Insured asset: Vocal chords

Amount: US$5.5 million (RM20.3 million)

The New Jersey singer and songwriter, Bruce Springsteen is best known for hits like “Born in the USA.” and “Born to Run”. Springsteen has sold more than 64 million records in the US, which makes him the 15th highest-selling artist of all time. Springsteen values his vocal prowess most.

2. America Ferrera


Insured asset: Smile

Amount: US$10million (RM36.9 million)

America Ferrera is best known for her leading role on the hit television show Ugly Betty, in which she portrays a nerdy but ambitious young woman with braces. However, in reality, Ferrara has a wonderful smile. Aquafresh White Trays, a teeth whitening product, insured her smile as part of a promotion to raise money for the charity programme, “Smiles for Success”. Now, that’s a pretty good reason to continue smiling.

3. Keith Richards


Insured asset: Finger

Amount: US$1.6 million (RM5.9 million)

The Rolling Stones guitarist has no doubt about which part he needs to protect the most – and that is his middle finger on his left hand.

4. Troy Polamalu


Insured asset: Hair

Amount: US$1 million (RM3.7 million)

After gaining popularity on the field both for his powerful tackles and his distinguishing locks, the Pittsburgh Steelers safety scored an endorsement deal with Head & Shoulders, which took out an insurance policy on his hair. He hasn’t cut his hair in over ten years in tribute to his Samoan heritage. And with a price tag like that, he probably won’t go near a barber anytime soon.

5. David Beckham


Insured asset: Entire body

Amount: US$195 million (RM719.9 million)

David Beckham is probably one of the most popular football players in the world. To cover himself from any accidents that may hurt this position, Beckham took out the biggest personal insurance policy in sporting history. The policy covers him against injury, illness, and disfigurement, since many of Beckham’s endorsement deals rely on his looks.

6. Rich Hall


Insured asset: Sense of humour

Amount: US$1.1 million (RM4.1 million)

The well-known comedian, had possibly one of the hardest to prove insurance policies of all – he insured himself against a permanent loss of humour.

7. Merv Hughes


Insured asset: Moustache

Amount: US$283,895 (RM1.05 million)

Australian cricket player, Merv Hughes took out an insurance policy on his moustache, as he claimed it forms a large part of his recognisable celebrity image and imparts to him the powers necessary to become one of the most feared cricket bowlers on earth.

8. Ilja Gort


Insured asset: Nose

Amount: US$8 million (RM29.5 million)

This Dutch winemaker, who owns a famous winery Chateau de la Garde in Bordeaux in France, insured his nose. Gort claims his nose can distinguish millions of different scents that aid his wine-making business. As a condition of the policy, Gort isn’t allowed to take part in winter sports, boxing or fire breathing.

9. Ben Turpin


Insured asset: Crossed eyes

Amount: US$25,000 (RM92,302)

Back during the silent film era, actors had to go the extra mile to make people laugh. The sight of silent film star Ben Turpin with crossed eyes was all it took to send moviegoers into fits of laughter. Convinced that his crossed eyes were the key to his silent comedic success, Turpin took out an insurance policy that would pay him if his eyes ever uncrossed. He was the first celebrity to insure a body part.

10. Tom Jones


Insured asset: Chest hair

Amount: US$7 million (RM25.8 million)

Tom Jones, a Welsh singer believes all that could come crashing down with a single accident that in any way damages his luxuriant pelt of chest hair. No, he didn’t insure his voice. His policy could be what it would cost to get replacement chest hair implants should the worst happen.

11. Taylor Swift


Insured asset: Legs

Amount: US$40 million (RM148.6 million)

Grammy-winning Taylor Swift is well-known for her stunning legs as she is for her chart-topping hits, so it’s perhaps no surprise that Swift has insured her legs against potential career-threatening accidents before she heads off on her global tour in May. It is said to be a precaution against such a physically-demanding schedule.

Well, here’s the best for last:

12. David Lee Roth


Insured asset: Sperm

Amount: US$1 million (RM3.7 million)

Legendary Van Halen’s vocalist, David Lee Roth insured his own sperm during the height of his glory in the 80′s. Roth’s insurance policy was designed to protect him from any unwanted pregnancies. This way, if he impregnates someone by accident, he has this policy to rely on to cover child support and protect against potential paternity suit.

Typically, when the word “insurance” comes to mind, we think of the basics – car, home, medical and so on. Anything else is simply the extra premium we pay monthly and sometimes for things that are completely unnecessary.

However, you can never go wrong with being adequately insured and with these 12 individuals and many more out there, they take adequacy in insurance to the next level. Certain celebrities are known for physical “assets” that if critically damaged or deformed, could stall their ability to continue making the millions they were making.

And you thought insurance was dull? Think again.

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