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About U Mobile

U Mobile Malaysia is one of the innovative mobile telecommunication service provider that offers you many variety of services in Malaysia. It has one of the most unique telecommunications network structures in the region backed by its own-built network infrastructure, which supports high-speed mobile broadband (one plan that utilizes this infrastructure would be U Mobile Broadband Package); and Asia's first active 3G Radio Access Network (RAN) sharing, covering major urban areas in the East and West Malaysia.

U Mobile Prepaid Plan

Many people will choose prepaid plan as it can prevent you from overspending and control your budget. The only disadvantage is that you need to watch out your credit balance every single time. U Mobile Malaysia offers you various prepaid plan that gives you the freedom to surf the internet, apart from chatting and texting. For example, by signing up to Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI), you can enjoy unlimited mobile internet usage from as low as RM18 monthly which last you about a month. Besides, it also features Member Get Member in which you can be rewarded with 5% free credit every time you introduce your friends and families to join U Mobile. The highlight of this U Mobile plan is the add-ons that you can get which helps you to save more.

U Mobile Postpaid Plan

Worry about running out of credit? Fret not. There are always U Mobile postpaid plans that can cater your needs. U Mobile postpaid plan offers you the Malaysia’s first postpaid plan that gives you free internet access across Asia and also internet quota with up to two other devices without getting a new account. With U Mobile Unlimited Postpaid Plan, you can enjoy a high-speed 1GB quota with monthly payment as low as RM28. Furthermore, you can get unlimited calls and also free SMS. If you think that you are running low on your bundled internet quota or SMS, you can always subscribe to U Mobile Add-on Pack in which you can be entitled to extra 100 SMS or extra 1.5GB surfing volume. The highlight of this U Mobile Plan is the bundled internet, free call minutes and SMS that you will be getting.

U Mobile Internet Plan

Nowadays, surfing the internet has become a public leisure time regardless of our age and backgrounds. As an innovative and creative mobile telecommunication provider in Malaysia, U Mobile Broadband Package also offers you an affordable wide range of mobile internet plan. It comes with surfing quotas once you sign up to either U Mobile postpaid plans or the prepaid plans. If you are looking for a U Mobile broadband package, you can subscribe to U Mobile Super Broadband Prepaid Packages at price as low as RM68. U Mobile also offers you Super Broadband MB68 in which you can sign up to enjoy a 10GB data from as low as RM58 per month. On top of that, you will also receive a 21Mbps modem which allows you to surf the internet or use your social media services at a rapid speed. The highlight of this U Mobile broadband package would be the quota and speed that you will be getting with your packages.

U Mobile Corporate Plan

In this competitive world, all businesses will equip themselves with the best business tool to rise to the top. When it comes to the telecommunication services, these businesses always wanted the fastest and the most flexible ever. With U Mobile Malaysia, you can make sure your business is equipped with a suitable data plan. U Mobile Enterprise Plan gives you not only surfing quotas up to 5GB, it also gives you up to 400 minutes free call with charges of RM168 per month. The other benefit is you will not get any additional charge when you exceed your data limit. This might help you to save cost too. The highlight of this U Mobile plan would be the features and benefits that a corporation will get.

U Mobile Smartphone Plan

Ever wonder how you can possess a brand new smartphone which comes with a new mobile telecommunication services? In U Mobile, you can attain both your dreams easily. For instance, if you get a Samsung GALAXY S5 with U Mobile, you only need to pay as low as RM58 for a 24-month contract. Not only you can enjoy your brand new phone, you can also savour 2GB mobile internet and also 200 minutes voice call to all operator. There are other smartphones that you can choose to make you the front runner of the gadget race. The highlight of this U Mobile plan would be the phone that you will be getting together with the plan.


As a dynamic and innovative mobile telecommunication service provider, U Mobile Malaysia has provided a wide range of U Mobile plans that you can choose from. It is all depending on your needs and U Mobile Malaysia just have something to offer for everyone. Another interesting factor that why people choose U Mobile is due to the U Card service. U Card is the first loyalty card that rewards you instantly when you use the phone. The more you talk, text or surf, the bigger the rewards are. You can redeem exclusive items using the points accumulated.

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