CelcomDigi Fibre 500Mbps

Business fibre offers significantly faster speeds and higher capacity

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  • icon broadband price
  • icon broadband speed
    500 Mbps
  • icon broadband coverage
    Coverage Area
    Landed and High-rise
  • icon broadband quota unlimited
    Download Quota

icon Packaged Hardware

  • 1 x FREE Wi-Fi 6 router

icon Fees & Charges

  • Foreigner Deposit: RM500
  • Early termination penalty (ETP): Based on a minimum amount of RM500, or the remaining contract value (Number of months remaining * monthly fibre fee), whichever is higher.
  • Installation Fee: Free

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CelcomDigi Fibre 500Mbps FAQ

  • Standard installation takes an average of 2 hours - Up to 100m fibre cable connection from the nearest distribution point to the BroadbandTermination Unit (BTU) - Up to 2m of RJ45 cable from the BTU/ modem to the Customer Premises Equipment(CPE)/ Wi-Fi router 

  • Non-standard installation is defined as any work that is not covered under standard installationincluding but not limited to over the ceiling, underground ducts, concealed wiring etc. Such workmust be completed at the customer’s expense and CelcomDigi will not be held responsible forthe quality or completeness of such work

  • If you decide to terminate your CelcomDigi fibre plan within the contract period, you willbe charged an early termination fee. Termination charges will be based on a minimumamount of RM500, or the remaining contract value (Number of months remaining *monthly fibre fee), whichever is higher

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