Time Fibre 100Mbps

Designed for small households with up to 5 devices

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  • icon broadband price
  • icon broadband speed
    100 Mbps
  • icon broadband coverage
    Coverage Area
    Landed and High-rise
  • icon broadband quota unlimited
    Download Quota

icon Packaged Hardware

  • 1 x WiFi 5 router

icon Fees & Charges

  • Foreigner Deposit: RM500 (refundable)
    Early termination penalty (ETP):
    • RM500 penalty if you're a 100Mbps, 500Mbps or 1Gbps subscriber
    • Total of remaining contractual months if you're 2Gbps subscriber or if you have downgraded from 2Gbps to a lower speed plan.
  • Complimentary basic cabling services by Time:
    • High-rise buildings with no prelaid fibre - Up to 20 metres from point of entry (e.g. main door) to your equipment (e.g. router)
    • Landed houses with no prelaid fibre - Up to 40 metres from Fibre Termination Box to your equipment (e.g. router)
    • High-rise building/landed houses with prelaid fibre - Up to 6 metres from the socket to your equipment (e.g. router)

icon Voice Calls

  • Time Voice Home Basic
  • Pay-as-you-use

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Time Fibre 100Mbps FAQ

  • MyKad or passport for non-Malaysians Credit card (MasterCard/Visa) if the Auto Debit payment method is selected

  • WiFi 5 is a WiFi standard which effectively introduced the 5Ghz frequency band to WiFi networks. It’s the technology most commonly used in modern routers and is compatible with almost all devices. WiFi 6 is the next generation in WiFi technology, delivering faster speeds and better performance overall. It is capable of serving more devices more efficiently. Devices connected to this latest standard have to be WiFi 6-enabled to benefit from the improved technology.

  • Unfortunately, we require a notice period for service terminations, as detailed below: Subscription 24-month contract: 30 calendar days No contract: 7 working days Do note that even if you’ve finished serving your 24-month contract, we will still require a 30-day notice period for termination.

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