Time Fibre 500Mbps

Ideal for medium-sized households with up to 10 devices

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  • icon broadband price
  • icon broadband speed
    500 Mbps
  • icon broadband coverage
    Coverage Area
    Landed and High-rise
  • icon broadband quota unlimited
    Download Quota

icon Packaged Hardware

  • 1 x WiFi 6 router and 1 x WiFi 6 mesh node

icon Fees & Charges

  • Foreigner Deposit: RM500 (refundable)
  • Early termination penalty (ETP):
    • RM500 penalty if you're a 100Mbps, 500Mbps or 1Gbps subscriber
    • Total of remaining contractual months if you're 2Gbps subscriber or if you have downgraded from 2Gbps to a lower speed plan.
  • Complimentary basic cabling services by Time:
    • High-rise buildings with no prelaid fibre - Up to 20 metres from point of entry (e.g. main door) to your equipment (e.g. router)
    • Landed houses with no prelaid fibre - Up to 40 metres from Fibre Termination Box to your equipment (e.g. router)
    • High-rise building/landed houses with prelaid fibre - Up to 6 metres from the socket to your equipment (e.g. router)

icon Voice Calls

  • Time Voice Home Basic
  • Pay-as-you-use

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Time Fibre 500Mbps FAQ

  • You’ll need to notify us at least 30 days (for 24-month contract plans) or 7 working days (for no contract plans) before. We will terminate your service on the date specified in your form.

  • This depends on your billing cycle and that’s determined after your service is activated. You may notice prorated charges in your first bill.

  • We will send an electronic bill to your registered email address every month.

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