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We found 6 broadband(s) for you!

100 Mbps
Quota Unlimited
Seamless Internet for Your Every Day
500 Mbps
Quota Unlimited
High-Performance Streaming and Gaming
1 Gbps
Quota Unlimited
Powerhouse Plan for the Connected Household
2 Gbps
Quota Unlimited
Next-Level Internet for Digital Wizards
100 Mbps
Quota Unlimited
Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds
300 Mbps
Quota Unlimited
Stable. Reliable. Fast. Value.
Last updated: Sep 20, 2023


  • TIME offers it’s residential subscribers speeds of 100Mbps, 500Mbps and 1 Gbps whilst their business based subscribers enjoy speeds starting from 50Mbps all the way to 100Mbps.

  • Any upgrade or downgrade of subscribed packages renews the contract period to 24 months. In addition to that, customers that downgrade their TIME Fibre Home Broadband internet package within contract period will see a 1-month penalty fee that is based on the current subscribed package.

  • These are by far the most affordable plans in the market right now. So if you’re a hardcore gamer or a movie streaming and download enthusiast, quit comparing broadband internet plans in Malaysia and sign up for TIME’s Fibre broadband now. TIME boasts its state-of-the-art fibre technology which contributes to the super high speed and super reliable internet connection they offer.

  • TIME Fibre broadband internet services are only available in high-rise buildings within Klang Valley, Penang, Malacca and Johor.

  • TIME now offers new subscribers free equipment as well as rebates for specific packages. Click on the packages above to find out more!

  • Because of its 100% fibre optics infrastructure, you will be getting a broadband internet connection that is not only reliable but also consistent.

  • First, you will have to find out what your router's local address is. By default, it should be However, it could be different depending on your router. Open your Start Menu and type "CMD". Select Command Prompt and type "ipconfig" into the field. Press enter and look for the line Default Gateway. This tells you what your router's address is.

    Open your web browser and enter the address into your URL bar. If it is correct, then you will be asked for a username and password. By default, it should be "admin" and "admin", but this could be different if you've changed the settings before. Your router user manual will also contain the default username and password for your model of router.

  • TIME Fibre offers the most competitive home broadband plans on the market today. However, it has limited coverage and may not be available in your area.

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