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What is a postpaid mobile phone plan?

Postpaid mobile plans are mobile usage contracts with telecommunication companies, which include a device (smartphone or tablet) at a bundled price. The bundled price is usually lower than the recommended retail price. Contract durations can be 12 months, 18 months or 24 months. Penalty charges apply if you choose to break the contract before the expiry.

Should I choose a 12-month, 18-month or 24-month contract?

General rule of thumb is the longer the contract period, the lower the device price will be. However, your decision should be based on your needs and lifestyle. If you’re prefer keep up with the latest devices, a 12-month contract period will be more suitable for you as device lifecycle tends to last 12 months before the next model is released. However, a longer contract period will allow you to procure a device at a lower price and in some cases, even free.

What does ‘Cost of Ownership’ mean?

’Cost of Ownership’ is calculated with Price of Device + (Monthly Commitment X Contract Duration). This is the total amount you will pay by the end of your contract period excluding pay per use services and service tax.

For example, if the smartphone of your choice cost RM1,999, your desired mobile plan cost RM100 a month for a contract period of 12 months, the minimum price you will pay for the phone and mobile service is RM 1,999 + (RM 100 x 12) = RM 3,199 over a period of one (1) year.

What is in ‘Plan Includes’?

’Plan Includes’ in our comparison table refers to data limit for all time range, free call minutes and SMS to all local networks. Some telecommunication operators may have additional benefits, such as additional data during off-peak hours, or additional free call minutes and SMS within the same network.

For example, a mobile plan offered by Operator A may offer 100 call minutes and 100 SMSes to all local networks and 1,000 call minutes and 1,000 SMSes to the same network. For more info on specific features of a mobile plan, click on “More Info” to go directly to the operator’s official website.

Does this comparison include advanced payment and pay-per-use prices?

No, advance payment and pay-per-use prices can be found on the telecommunication operators’ websites, when you click on “More Info”.

Which phones can I compare and with which plan?

We currently compare Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Apple iPhone 5s, Apple iPhone 5c, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z Ultra and Sony Xperia Z smartphones paired with Maxis, Celcom, Digi and UMobile.

Should I convert from my Prepaid Plan to Postpaid plan?

Postpaid mobile plans generally offer greater value on per usage basis if you are a middle to high user of data, SMS and calls. It really depends on your need and usage.

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About Mobile Data Plans in Malaysia

Most telecommunications companies have different mobile plans for different people. To find out which one is the right one for you, you need to know what you want to use the plan for.

Surfing the web, calling people, or sending messages, these things indicate what kind of plan works best for you.

The details for these mobile plans however, are scattered across the internet on different web pages. This is why we created our own mobile plan comparison section. Where we take all the information about the different plans and give you the most comprehensive mobile phone plan comparison on the web.

If getting online on your phone is essential to you, you're in luck as pretty much every telecommunication company provides mobile data plans.

These range from a basic mobile internet plan to an unlimited data mobile plan. That means no worrying about going past the usual limit of data provided, at least if you have the unlimited data mobile plan.

For businesses, there are plans catered to them as well. The business mobile plans specifically, for making more calls than most of the other mobile data plans. As a figurative comparison, their rates for SMSes pale in comparison to their call rates.

If you're on a tight budget and you don’t need data all that badly, the low cost phone plans are your saving grace, as all their rates are relatively low but at the cost of some luxury functionalities.

Postpaid phone plans on the other hand, are for those who want to get a phone on a contract or for users who have more confidence in their finances. After subscribing to a postpaid plan is great if you know exactly how much you use each month and can keep within the postpaid plan’s allowances.

Lastly, if you're looking for a specific phone model and just want to compare the different plans available for it, we have just the thing.

This mobile phone plan comparison has been made for the benefit of customers looking for a specific phone, but haven't decided on the plan yet. Details such as price, SMS rates, call rates, roaming, and other important details will be there. It’s all on the compare mobile phones page!

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